Brezza di Seta fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, violet leaf, neroli, lavender
  • Heart

    • water iris, magnolia, rose
  • Base

    • patchouli, vetiver, vanilla bean, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of Brezza di Seta

Brezza di Seta is another surprise from a brand that I didn't initially image could deserve a lot of attention (which on the contrary deserves). Brezza di seta is quite likeable, translucent, silent, organic and fairy. Evoking more than vaguely a sort of Andrea Maack's (and partially Ne_be's) conceptual style (Andrea Maack Silk jumps immediately on mind with its violet-magnolia accord set over an hay type of mineral powder) this fragrance strikes for a powderiness (greenish, salty, "papery", mineral-like, floral) rich of botanical nuances. There is a weird level of sourness/saltiness in the middle of the woody-floral powder. I detect bright-gray aromatic lavender, a sort of hay undertone, something close to floral pollen, a diaphane tea-like note (probably the aqueous vetiver effect), secret breezy ozonic-citric molecules (the water lily gives probably the illusion) and a mastering (and incredibly convincing) accord of magnolia (enhancing the latter the hay-like vibe) and violet which provides a romantic greenish-floral effect perfectly enclosed in the tonka-iris-woods centered talkiness. I see a windy solitary lighthouse in the distance (a sort of "Virginia Woolf" atmosphere) and a green dark little forest close to the sea. A solitary damosel is walking along the windy shore scanning the horizon.
27th October 2014
Aptly named BREZZA DI SETA is a very appealing floral perfume with a somewhat powdery, lightly woody drydown. The opening reminds me of BVLGARI POUR FEMME, with the rose and violets especially mingling together. I do not detect any lavender here, but maybe it all works together synthetically, as in every skillful blend which shrouds its notes in mystery.

To my nose, this is a gorgeous creation with a glistening resinous quality especially in the opening moments. The wood, which emerges subsequently, smells to me like finely powdered cedar (not vetiver), but it adds depth and texture. I find the drydown of this composition vaguely reminiscent of Creed LOVE IN BLACK, what with the powdery wood and violets and all...

Although BREZZA DI SETA may not be the most original perfume to have been launched in recent history, it really does smell wonderful. I am of the opinion that sometimes different perfumers create apparently similar creations not because they are copying each other but because a good idea is a good idea, and a splendid scent is a splendid scent!

I do think that this naturally sweet-smelling flowery and powdery perfume is best suited for women. The longevity is excellent and the sillage medium.
10th November 2011