Brass & Soul fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrusy, bouquet aromatic, juniper, mandarin, watery notes
  • Heart

    • spicy, jasmine, gin, lily of the valley, geranium bourbon, lavandin, cypress
  • Base

    • smoky notes, patchouli, suede, moss, amber, cedarwood, vanilla, bushman candle

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This is my first try Brass & Soul from Stay Fresh Productions x Zaharoff, one of the three perfumes from the Zed Creators that were released recently. Brass & Soul fittingly takes its inspiration from jazz, and the composition is fresh, spicy, boozy blend that has a strong, aromatic, gin/juniper blend to it, along with lavender, vanilla, citruses, patchouli, and woods in the main mix, though the note list, like anything Zaharoff, is quite extensive.

I get the vibe of a busy club immediately, and the fragrance itself harkens back to older gentlemanly fougeres while, like Zaharoff Signature and Business Over Pleasure, having a modern, up-to-date quality that's really seems befitting some current trends. It's slightly sweet, also, but noticeably less so than the other offerings in the Zaharoff catalogue, even Signature Royale and Noir, though there is a certain booziness and vanilla/amber sweetness that counterbalances the sharper, spicier, more floral sides of it. It's really delightful while being a good balance between provocative and familiar, new and old, opulent but very much down-to-earth in a lot of respects. In fact, it might be the most down-to-earth and seemingly most real-world-inspired of any offering in the Zaharoff catalogue, effectively conjuring the scents and environment of a busy club, a club I want to be at.

Brass & Soul comes in EDP concentration and is priced at $119 for 60ml, like the other Zed Creators' releases, and again, I feel that this pricing is very reasonable, especially today's market, given the creativity, wearability, uniqueness, and, yes, performance.

8 out of 10

21st July 2021