Bracken Man 
Amouage (2016)

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Bracken Man by Amouage

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Olivier Cresp

Part of the 'Midnight Flower' collection.

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Reviews of Bracken Man by Amouage

There are 33 reviews of Bracken Man by Amouage.

Beautiful spicy fougere, which opens with a slap of cloves and nutmeg accompanied by cinnamon which tend to dominate the cypress, lavender and carnation creating a unique, extremely pleasant and masculine smell. The perfume is undoubtedly well made, beyond the so-called "chemicates" which are the norm even in "niche" perfumery, and you can still perceive a good quality of the ingredients used. It is very reminiscent of Gualtieri's Viride with the difference that Bracken is more complex, stronger and less linear while lasting less but ... to say that bracken is a chimicone and then praise the Gualtieran counterpart ... it's like declaring yourself vegan and having lunch at Mc Donald, an unprecedented contradiction since the perfumes of the Italian Alessandro are VERY chemical, much more than amouage probably and have almost no evolution remaining among the most linear of all (which I appreciate in some ways, mind you). Definitely? I like it a lot and I really enjoy using it; certainly not for everyone given the very spicy opening that not everyone can like.

Best Fougere I ever smelled in my 6 years in the fragrance hobby. It's a classic Fougere base with spicy oriental notes sprinkled in. It's my favorite Fougere and is now easily a recommendation by me for anyone looking to buy something to stand alone to represent this genre in a limited wardrobe. It smells so good that I don't think you need any other Fougere. Yeah, I said it. It's that good.

The top notes must be subtle and well blended because I immediately detect the crisp piney, woodsy notes. All other notes are just fresh, airy and green. I could imagine this worn by someone who hikes the Appalachian trail or Switzerland in summer. The patchouli and musk are beautifully blended so as not to be sickly or overpowering. A small amount of this would go a long way.

Classic barbershop scent in the lines of bois du Portugal, gentleman, heritage, aramis havana and such. If you like what you read so far, bracken is right up your alley. Well made, well done.

R.B.A.R, Reformulated Beyond All Recognition AKA watered down, the original was an edp', the new one is an edc.
Tested side by side Yesterday night, the original bottle vs. a recently made sample!

Wow, the clove, cypress, nutmeg opening can really kick you in the face. It's very likely to put most people off. Then soon enough the unmistakable patchouli adds even more bitter to the already very challenging concoction. As it mellows over the hour, Bracken Man is an herbal, vegetal and earthy beast that has a semi-bitter Lemon and Bergamote undertone. It smells unmistakably Amouage.

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