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    • Plum, Myrrh, Night Blooming Jasmine, Benzoin, Skin Musk, Golden Amber, Vanilla Woods

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This review is for the 2018 version of Boyfriend. Back in 2010 when Boyfriend was first introduced I got a sample to try. Back then I thought it smelled very similar to Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon. Since I already owned Cocoon I passed on Boyfriend.

Fast forward 12 years. I’ve long since finished my bottle of the now discontinued Cocoon. Missing it, I decided to give give the new version of Boyfriend a try so I picked up a sample of the edp. This smells exactly like I remember. Cocoa isn’t listed in the notes but this has that same cocoa patchouli thing that Cocoon and Serge Lutens Borneo have. Boyfriend isn’t as complex as Borneo by any means - it’s definitely more beginner friendly though.

Sillage is minimal. This one wears very close to the skin although I believe that’s by design. Longevity is impressive. One spritz lasted through an 8 hour day and through a bath. I’m not sure I’d ever need a full bottle with that kind of staying power but I can see this finding a spot in my cold weather rotation.
21st August 2022
I have a roller ball of this and always had it in my mind that I would go buy a bottle and never did. I regret that so much. I love the creamy vanilla comforting scent. So smooth and sensual - I love it
14th July 2016

Evocative of Indecence This is my first Basenotes review and it happens to be for my latest purchase, Boyfriend. Three days ago I walked into my local Sephora and asked for a patchouli scent. This was such a surprise! For one, I had to weed out all the others I already owned which incorporated patchouli, such as Angel and Prada Tendre. The gentleman assisting turned out to be quite a nose because as I rejected or pondered each one he presented and answered his questions, he surmised I was looking for an amber that wasn't so powdery, that I adored the cedar note, and wanted something different than what I already have. Boyfriend beats what I tried last year, Kenzo Amore, because it's infinitely more wearable. It's softer, feels more real, closer to the skin, less astringent. I'd say this is also very unisex---my "boyfriend" will probably wish to wear it once I break it out around him this fall. There's also something about it that reminds me of both Organza Indecence and Shiseido's Feminite du Bois. It's NOT floral to me and that's the most appealing thing of all. Pros: Warm, lightly spicy, deliciousCons:
13th August 2013
Don't let the name put you off I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of this bottle. I usually avoid celebuscents like the plague, but after reading positive reviews online, I decided to give this scent a chance. On my scent-devouring skin, this is a fairly long lasting dry woody, slightly plummy, amber perfume. It's fantastic in cold weather. I enjoy getting a whiff of this on my winter scarves. The packaging could be better, but the juice is good! I may have to invest in a larger bottle. Pros: dry, woody, plummy, warm and embracingCons:
29th May 2013
This is deceptive-smells almost too strong at first, then within about 20 minutes it turns into something lovely and warm, with a nice clean drydown. Very lasting, so one or 2 sprays will do it. Love the bottle and packaging. This reminds me of Le Baiser de Dragon by Cartier, and probably has some of the same notes
21st March 2013
I'm giving Boyfriend 2 stars - not because I liked the scent, per se, at least not on me! - but, because I was impressed by the complexity of the scent and the way it kept changing. It opens with what seems like a sharp clash of feminine fruity-floral mixed with a hint of clove cigarette!

My sister and I both tried it on, and we would sniff our wrists every minute or so and yell out what we thought it smelled like: "It smells like I dropped an apple into a burning campfire!" "It smells like someone burning a cinnamon stick with a Bic lighter!" "It smells like someone put a cigar out in a bowl of bread dough!"

Boyfriend claims to have fruit, amber, floral and incense notes. It certainly does! But, the way the notes interact with one another is unexpected - almost as if they don't "blend well." The result is interesting.

When the scent finally calmed down and settled - it was mostly a dry, powdery amber with a hint of clove scent (probably the myrrh) - and it smelled distinctly masculine. With such a sharp, distinctly feminine floral opening, those crazy-strange middle notes, and a slightly dusty-ish masculine end - I would think it would be tough to wrangle up some fans...But, Boyfriend is super-popular! Go figure...
4th December 2012
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