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Chanel (2016)

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Reviews of Boy Chanel by Chanel

There are 27 reviews of Boy Chanel by Chanel.

Grapefruit wallpaper fougère. My dryer sheets smell better. Actually, a lot better.
Sep 14, 2021

Oh boy!
One sample spray, and I am in love with this fragrance. Especially the first 30 minutes, which is heavenly. Can't figure out what exactly has me so turned on? It may take several wearings to figure out. Honestly I think this falls squarely on the feminine side, but no matter.
Dries down into a sweeter version of Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier), not as nice as the opening, but very pleasant.
Again, the opening structure is just lovely.
Know what I'm getting next Christmas, now.
After an hour, it's very sweet. A bit much, actually. But again, that first 30 minutes seals the deal for me.

Apr 17, 2021

I really had to wear Boy to fall in love with it - sniffing it at the store just didn't do it justice. It's a full-on Chanel, with their signature aldehydes on top and their legendary cold-cream base below. In a way, this is what No 5 would smell like with its flowers replaced by upfront lavender.

Wearing Boy reminded me of Jersey, Chanel's other lavender Exclusif, but side by side, they're quite different, with Jersey being much fruitier and funkier, including dirty elements of Gardenia and straight-up musk from Cuir de Russie, while Boy is definitely "pretty" all the way through.

Thumbs up!
Jan 12, 2020

Goes from Jicky to L'eau de Hiver very quickly & with the usual Chanel richness.
Nov 3, 2019

I'm a sucker for fougeres, traditional fougeres that is. I also love the unmistakable Chanel touch. Combine the two well..yes please!
Aug 14, 2019

There's no doubt that this is flawlessly executed. All the rough edges have been smoothed, as they generally are at Chanel. Even the geranium, which I tend to dislike, is honed and smooth.

Question is - with the likes of Jicky on the market, was this necessary. Well, this is not as good, not as unique, and after over 100 years of Jicky being around, it's about time for a reinterpretation, aside from those that are sold at gas stations (or worse, the ones that are charging mega bucks for junk).

Whatever this is, it's not junk.
Jun 27, 2019

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