Boxter for Men 
Fragluxe (2000)

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Reviews of Boxter for Men by Fragluxe

I was expecting the worst. I received a generous travel size bottle of Boxter Pour Homme (edt) as a freebie with another scent order I placed. With never having heard of it and its being in production for sixteen years with not a single Basenotes review, I was prepared to wash this off post sniff.

Actually, this is not half bad. A bright, citrusy, spicy men's sports fragrance that is well blended, smooth and not the least bit in your face. The musks and patchouli soften the dry down and blend with the sandalwood to turn it into a spicey woods.

Mellow and very wearable. Not great or significant by any means, but a great deal better than 90% of the men's sports fragrances on the market today and an interesting find.

Worth a sniff!
Dec 20, 2016

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