Bowling Green 
Geoffrey Beene (1986)


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Reviews of Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

There are 54 reviews of Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene.

Yet another member of the 80's class of Drakkar, Nobile, Xeryus, Duc, Smalto etc, but akin to an "Eau Fraiche" type, airier, lighter.. I like the fresh and short lived verbena citrus opening but what really surprised me and pleased me the most was a beautiful jasmine and ambery heart that gave it a sophisticated almost dandish vibe I was not expecting at all, probably from having lived in NYC most of my life and Bowling Green being at the very heart of Wall Street, I was expecting a rigid 80's Michael Douglas boardroom intimidating scent (if a fresh one). There's also a fair amount of spices (clove, bay rum?) in the heart reining in the jasmine and bridging a barbershop impression (hole in the wall one chair next to a shoe shine stall coming down the stars at Wall Street subway stations, so NY)
Really cool and nothing I remember getting from that group, vaguely Havana/ Montana

A beautiful creation

Sanofi vintage, there was Cochran before that seems to have been as good if not better and a more recent EA version described as different but good, to horrid.
May 28, 2021

Love this. I purchased it largely on the strength of reviews here, as usual with Zealot Crusader's featuring a very good technical breakdown. I would recommend his review for an on point analysis, but hopefully I can contribute some useful info.

There are a couple of points where my opinion differs a bit from most others experiences:

Firstly, from my skin this actually has quite nice projection and above average sillage, although the longevity isn't great - to be fair, I adjusted by hitting myself with 6 sprays in the morning, so this could be a contributor. YMMV, so don't assume you'll have this fade to nothing within a couple of hours.

Secondly, it's been an immediate hit at the office, not just for my colleagues in their 40s and 50s, but particularly from two of my colleagues in their early 20s. One is a young lady who adores barbershop smells and the other a younger guy who just likes fragrances in general.

This is natural, complex, fresh and has some depth of character from its bitterness, florals and herbaceous bite while staying total approachable, dapper and fresh. It's friendly and polite and will definitely be a permanent fixture in my collection. Big Thumbs up.
Dec 12, 2019

My favorite of the inexpensive green fragrances. Excellent citrus opening with some spiciness cardamom, lavender, and just a hint of pine. I would of course like to smell more pine and fir, but still, this is a true gem of a fragrance. Multiple back up bottles are definitely in order! I compared this to Pino Silvestre a while back and Bowling Green is infinitely more enjoyable to me. Pino Silvestre smells so much like a kitchen spice cabinet that it's just not my thing...but Bowling Green definitely is my thing! Two thumbs way up!
Nov 24, 2019

Very nice.
Bowling Green is a decent, soapy pine that is refreshing.
Begins with a light lemon and quickly the scent transforms to the great outdoors. Think of a breezy autumn or spring day. That's what Bowling Green evokes to my nose. I favor this where some younger might find it too old school for their taste.
Jun 14, 2019

Oh, this put an enormous smile on my face. Bowling Green opens with an exuberant, effervescent lemon-citrus, which opens over a burst of ebullient greenery. It's a bit like stepping out into the middle of a golf course on a sunny summer morning. As the joyous opening fades, the fragrance matures into a verdant masculine, as though you're moving from grass fields into shadier woods.

It's crisp and elegant--a gentlemanly fragrance--but there's nothing stodgy about this. It's a shame it's been discontinued, because a fragrance this unique deserves success.
Mar 1, 2019

Bowling Green (EA version). Boy, this was a rude awakening at first. But I think I love it now. I really dig the initial massive assault of citrusses with the stem-like leafy greens. Then came the hollow EA-housenote of wet cardboard, and I thought 'oh no, here we go again...' but luckily that lasted only for a minute tops, and now I don't even notice it anymore.
The beauty is in the drydown and final stage. You get an aromatic-floral-woody aroma with the moss, citrus, sandalwood and everything good, with a subdued cinnamon appropriately lingering underneath it all, juuust enough to sense it. Now and then I get an '84 Lacoste-like whiff.
Performance is slightly above average, allthough I 'overspray' to make it last even longer and to really take in that citrus 'n' green onslaught.
Oh and the next day, your shirt smells incredible too...

Feb 14, 2019

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