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    • aromatic notes, foug?re notes, spices

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Yes, it's different, and I do smell a waxy candle which has just burned out its wick. It smells very "waxy" to me, which, for some odd reason, I like. I think this should have been the men's version of Bill Blass' Amazing for women. It would have been a lot closer to the women's version of Amazing than the original version of Amazing for men. I don't see the connection with fig newtons or Oscar by Oscar de la Renta (which, to me, smells more like the now-discontinued vintage gold-tinged Burberrys for Men in the bottle with the offset cap). Nevertheless, I am a niche fragrance person and I do like Bourbon Homme. I think this would be best worn during the cooler months and even in the extreme cold of wintertime. I think I'll keep it, especially when I am in the mood for a different fragrance. Also, if you like Bourbon Homme, you probably will also like Comme de Garcons' Odeur 53, which I also love. Odeur 53 is definitely a nice fragrance, with notes of electricity, burnt metal, electrical tape, ozone, etc. Now, that's a niche fragrance I really love! Also, of note, Calvin Klein's Truth for Women smells very similar to Odeur 53 (in my opinion), and I wear them both interchangeably. Ah, gotta LOVE those nich fragrances. The L'Heures line by Cartier is also exquisite, and my favorites from that lineup is XII L'Heure Mysterioux (the mysterious hour) - a more vanilla/woody version of L'Heure XIII parfum, and XIII L'Heure Treizieme (the thirteenth hour) a burnt woody parfum that smells like an old burnt French castle door, lol (really, it does).
21st January 2021
A reviwer said this smells like Fig Newtons, and at first I certainly can understand that comparison. In fragrances, that can be due to a combination of spices and amber, perhaps with a bit of tonka, vanilla, and/or some actual fruit notes. The sweetness is not beyond moderate. And as someone else said, it has a candle-like quality, and it is a bit waxy. I don't get anything synthetic-smelling here, and there's nothing especially masculine; in fact I'm thinking it's a kind of "mini-me" Lutens type scent (also, I get no lavender). Strength seems very good, at least, and I'll be curious to see what happens if I layer this with Cigar Aficionado, which will boost the complexity and perhaps dynamism as well.
15th February 2015

I have reeeallly tried to like this does smell like fig cookies ...but ..god is so dry...there is no sweetness at all....
5th December 2009
A very linear scentSmells like burnt cigars and fig newtons ( you know the nabisco cookie)there is no sweetness in this juice...i give it a ho hum....
26th January 2009