Bourbon Eau de Cologne fragrance notes

    • bergamot oil, toasted oak, bourbon vanilla, tonka bean tincture, labdanum, musks

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A beautiful rendering of the extrait version. The EdC injects a measure of airiness that allows each component to shine individually and collectively. The opening is a beautiful and ambery (?) citrus which segues into a deep and delightful vanilla, but not a pedestrian vanilla, rather a rugged vanilla underscored by brooding woods and accompanied by a complex mélange of musks.
As with most of the releases from Hendley Perfumes, Bourbon Edc feels complete in every way and is greater than the sum of its parts.

Personally, Bourbon EdC feels like the olfactive translation of a Rembrandt painting.
15th June 2021
Sharp citrus provides an uplifting opening (very much in the EDC style) to a blend of spices, vanilla, and musky amber that verges on dirty but never quite tips over into that territory. Polished and compelling.
3rd June 2021