Bourbon fragrance notes

    • White pepper, dark amber, Kentucky oak

Latest Reviews of Bourbon

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Nice bottle. Average mediocre boring 'been-there-done-that' utterly forgettable synthetic fragrance. Considering the MSRP there are tons of much better offerings.
3rd March 2019
Smells like a faint iris scent in the opening, something like Prada L'Homme or Dior Homme. The drydown comes in fast, like 5-10 minutes fast and then it's just a generic woody-amber that's pleasant but very soft. If the opening stayed on a few hours longer this would be nice and recommended but considering it turns boring quickly, I cannot give it a thumbs up. Also, where's the booziness??

Longevity of the soft drydown is average, 4-5 hours.
25th January 2019

Whiskey's memory
Sweeter than reality
A smell we can't drink.
5th June 2017