Reviews of Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

A creamy floral-amber with that weird dry flower - marigold.
It’s a bit like that minor key masculine - Roma Uomo.
11th December 2021
A very powdery, sweet and coquetish perfume that is both very girly and very old fashioned all at once. Definitely interesting, cozy and dreamy, and of course very pink. Doesn't feel dirty to me, more "worn-in". I can see it as a boudoir perfume. If I had to compare it with something, maybe I could compare it with Guerlain Insolence - but Insolence is softer, fruitier, even more dreamier and much more modern, and Boudoir is more candied, more complex, more mature and is more about a woman of flesh and blood and sweat while Insolence smells more like a fairy princess.
4th March 2021

Boudoir starts it's seduction as a fragrant bergamot and orange blossom combination, adulterated by aldehydes and cut with sharp green hyacinth. Boudoir strays into toxic (air-freshener), but quickly becomes intoxicating, with the freshness of cypress leaves and pine needles sweetened by a sumptuous marigold and vanilla mixture.

Boudoir could have been called ‘bouquet'; with such a hefty dose of florals, but there is something sharp and elusive lurking in the flowers. It is a little reminiscent of soap, not a generic commercial soap but one lovingly handcrafted by a matronly enthusiast from the marigold and hyacinth growing in her garden, the memories of her youth mingle into the composition, her hopes and follies balance out the sweetness of the present moment and make an evocative scent that is as optimistic as it is knowing and sensual.

Boudoir exudes a subtle confidence that is spicy, self assured and unapologetic, but also as soft and inviting as freshly picked daffodils tied with a purple ribbon. Unlike many scents marketed as ‘sexy', this doesn't rely on animalic or musky notes to seduce the animal in man. It is a post-enlightenment scent, designed for sensuality. Intimate and enigmatic orrisroot replaces musk, and poignant spices disorientate your perception. In this blur of cardamom, coriander seeds and edible cinnamon you could easily be seduced…

A clichéd note of rose and patchouli (the mainstream ambrosia) threatens to pull the fragrance back into the ordinary (even though this was made decades ahead of the trend) – but the heady dose of tobacco leaf keeps things exciting, unpredictable and romantic.
25th February 2017
I'm very happy to see Boudoir is still in production. It was weird and ahead of its time-- a toothpaste and makeup oriental. I guess this was sort of spinning off on the popularity of Jean Paul Gaultier's original 90s makeup fragrance. As for the skank, I had an old bottle and never noticed it.
2nd October 2015
This perfume is an irresistible secret weapon.a perfume that the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD woman knows she deserves, something instantly recognizable as unique and sensually evocative.not only will it make you feel like a million dollars but also it is sure to generate positive feedback from people.provocative, special,glamorous,warm,classy, wonderful,powerful,absolutely feminine and potently erotic.

Aldehydes,bergamot and marigold mingle in a melange of sexy,retro chypre character with fresh accents of coriander and a warm undercurrent of patchouli, sandalwood,cinnamon and vanilla to render an amulet of univocal femininity. just one spray of this EDP can ignite quite an evening as it is absolutely alluring, sexy with a hint of being naughty.the bottle is regal and precious.

BOUNDOIR evokes feeling of a romantic night with lots of glamor.schedule a message,a manicure and then soak in this,add a little black dress and some pearls and you are ready for saturday night.It is for the mature and self assured ladies.totally a wonderful unique chypre-floral that fills the air with a come-find-me aroma.try it today and see all the great comments you will receive.
13th June 2015
I missed out on this one for years, because I disliked how the tester smelled, so never thought to try it on skin.

There's a particular "rose" + aldehydes combo that's really off-putting to me - it's what I detected in the Boudoir tester, and it or something very similar to it is in Tresor and Red Door, too. Yet in Boudoir, there's another floral accord, must the representation of viburnum, that's unique and wonderful, and enables me to overlook (oversniff?) the other thing.

When I first tried Boudoir, I was in a perfume store with my mom, and I asked her, "What does this smell like to you?" She swooned, and said, "San Francisco!" which was my impression exactly.

Which brings me to Parfums DelRae Amoureuse. It's supposed to have an accord like the wonderful blooming trees in San Francisco. It kind of does, yet Boudoir really nails it without specifically trying to. I notice that some have compared Boudoir to Amoureuse, and this unique floral would explain it, because they're very, very different scents.

I don't get cigarette smoke or ash, though the tobacco note is not of the sweet pipe tobacco variety, but something more like an opened pack of cigs (maybe even CLOVE cigs) in the pocket of a black leather jacket. In fact, one of my bottles leaked into my leather bag when I took it on a plane, and Boudoir definitely smells fantastic with leather, as if leather is part of the composition.

The closest thing I've smelled to Boudoir is actually another fave, Bellodgia. Whether we call it cloves or carnations in a fragrance, it's all eugenols, innit?

18th September 2014
Sweet floriental My first testing of Boudoir and I'm waiting for the "skank" factor to set in! Well, where are you?This came to me as a sample so I don't know it's age, but it is the pink liquid, probably a current formulation. Three hours in and I'm still waiting to be bowled over. The opening is sweet and super-feminine. An inauspicious start for me, since I dislike most sweet perfumes and carnations in particular. Only now am I beginning to get a whiff of something more earthy; some coriander, patchouli and sandalwood coming to the fore, and a touch of tobacco. Still, the promising basenotes are not fine enough to overcome my initial impression of too much spicy carnation and other sweet florals and too little "heft"in the base. I suppose the problem is that I like spices,and a lot of them, and muskiness, and this has too little of one and none of the other,so it doesn't fit my personal interpretation of a sexy perfume. "Shocking" and "Bal A Versailles" are sexier, more earthy interpretations of this genre in my opinion.Sillage is strong, longevity--well, so far it's good but I'll never really know since I've srubbed it off after 3 hours. Pros: Good sillageCons: Too sweet"
22nd September 2013
When it first came out I adored Boudoir. It's an all out, take no prisoners, sex bomb of a fragrance! Unfortunately time has caught up with me and I no longer can pull off wearing a sex bomb fragrance. To all of you who can go for it, because this scent is about as sexy as they come!
21st February 2013
Not for the faint of heart!

This is a heady, sweet scent which just begs for you to have a boudoir of your own in which to seduce men! I really love it (I also really love Coco Chanel and although they are not the same, they are both heavy, cloying, sweet orientals), but even I tend to only wear it after dark or on special occasions.

The sillage is fantastic and men seem to love it. The bottle is a work of art and far too pretty to throw away! I bought my first bottle at seventeen and am now nearly twice that age and on my twentieth bottle and the love affair is far from over.

The original Boudoir is simply the best, the rest don't even come close for me. One of my all time favourites!
23rd August 2012
Maybe it's just my body chemistry, but I definitely don't smell any of the notes that are actually supposed to be in this thing. To me, it starts off as an okay, generic, sweet floral - for about two seconds. I can't pick out anything specific initially. Then it becomes a minty nightmare mishmash of what smells like tuberose and toothpaste, and it stays that way until it fades off some hours later. From other reviews, I expected it to maybe smell like sweat/cumin/body odor, but I get pungent, syrupy toothpaste. It's so nasty and weird that it's kind of amusing.
18th August 2012
The combination of cumin, aldehydes, rose, powdery woods, vanilla, patchouli  and cinnamon produces that sort of radiant and airy, aromatic-cool and talky-milky modern-retro vibe that is the essence of the scent. An initially angular and traditional bergamot on the side of aldehydes, rose and patchouli enhances a sort of traditional feel while a combination of flowers with a cleverly blended tobacco pushes up the radiance and the extreme femininity of the juice. In absence of brewing fruits and too syrupy mellifluence a final touch of warmth is moderate and well  balanced with the powdery regular cool dustiness. A traditional and a modern concept of femininity merge both together , a bit chanel N. 5 and a bit Ange Au Demon, a whiff of the classic Dolce e Gabbana with a touch of Alien passing through a whisper of Tresor. Not bad.
18th November 2011
I have owned many bottles of this, and have known it for so long that I cannot really break down Boudoir into a list of notes.
It's creamy, powdery, sugar sweet and "pretty", but has a animalic raunchiness underneath it, it's not a leather at all, it's just... dirty. I asked a friend to sniff this one, and she said "It smells of p**sy". I guess that's kind of what I mean.
It's feminine, but pretty florals working with a guys chemistry can work great sometimes, on me, the sugar sweetness dies down and whats left is a creamy, ambery, vanillary... Boudoir smell is all I can say. Maybe I'm biased just as many are with old favourites such as the old Guerlain classics, but this is an ultimate comfort scent for me. It's sexy and loud with amazing sillage and longevity, you will get compliments on it that's for sure.
28th September 2011
Notes for Boudoir are viburnum, marigold, orange blossom, orris, rose, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli...

It's hard to believe tuberose isn't mentioned in there because this opens with a heady floral accord that I would swear includes tuberose...anyway, tuberose notwithstanding, this is a powerhouse from the 90's imitating a powerhouse from the 80's. I read a review online that claimed this would be a good scent for a night out clubbing, dancing, partying, etc. and that sounds about right. This will make you smell like that's what you been doing, anyway, even if you haven't.
Boudoir is not obnoxious, but it still has some attitude.
The scent of "idealized sweat" was another great observation I read.
Ok, my personal perspective is that it has one essential thing I am crazy for, creaminess. This thing is in the family of Fracas, in terms of both heft and creaminess. The base notes might as well be buttercream. If you are a fan of Le Labo Rose 31, you will probably recognize some similarity to Boudoir. Buy now as it was discontinued and or reformulated..
30th June 2011
Today i got this sample from the loving curtisy of Bronx Beauty. and at first sniff it smelled like A Crap load of Amber an Orange and hinges of PLASTIC!egggggh! and with dirty laundrysmelly smelly armpits. i'm picturing a neurotic drag queen in Leopard printleggins black stelettos gold lame blouselong bright red dress coat with matching pilbox hat bright red lips ala joan crawford hair coiled in the most grotesque beehive animal printed handbag her looks is a cross between Joan Crawford Judy Garland & Sante Kimes the notorious Grifter. walking down 5th avenue. or going to a delect motel and the moteler reeks of a sweaty guy named Jacques that when i smell this and i got one word left CHEAP!
3rd November 2010
Theoretically, I should like this as I do enjoy "dangerous" scents and am fond of many chypre florals. I tested the sample vials several times and the results were always the same: I can say without reservation that it has longevity--it just won't go away. But I don't appreciate people looking at me as if they're wondering how long it's been since I changed my underwear.
1st June 2010
To me, this is floral chypre . Light brown juice .A fine aldehydic start ( the naughty perfume starts all lady like ! ) ,slightly powdery ,flower tartness- a whopping strong sillage. Then a little leather animal starts creeping on in. This picture makes me think of Boudoir. Now it's just a naughty naughty perfume - flowers, pillows, some leather and maybe a little sweat. A classic naughty scent. Definitely strong and lots of sillage. Not for the faint hearted but still I think this naughty lady is a puppy inside.
21st May 2010
I love Boudoir, and its gentler cousin Boudoir Sin Garden. I think the Vivienne Westwood fragrances are a lot like VW's designs... classic styling with elements that are wildly sexy and totally unique. You have to have curves to wear VW designs, as they require a lush feminine body to really shine. They're structured and sensual at the same time.This perfume is exactly the same way. Lushly feminine, bold but classic. Not terribly discreet or demure, but not cheap or loud. Just confident and sexy and strong and warm. You wouldn't wear this to a school play. You'd wear this to a date, or to a dinner party where you'd like to seduce the man across or next to you. It doesn't scream sex, but it is highly sensual.My skin emphasises sweet smells, and I've not had a problem with Boudoir being overly so. On me, it's floral, creamy and rich.
16th October 2009
Sorry I bought this one, guess it was the packaging or the name that I had high hopes for. It has many of the notes that I am drawn to. However something is off. It's too strong ,smells old fashioned, (not in a good way) and a bit sour. Makes me want to wash it off. Staying power is fantastic lasts forever!
15th July 2009
I wear this and as a man I am blown away! I love, love, love, love this EDP. I get compliments left & right. It smells warm, musky, rich and very sensual. It last on me so long, I tend to forget I have anything on.... Love it, and I suggest to many men who are like me, and love sexy, strong, long-lasting fragrances, try it! It's Si Bon!!!
27th February 2009
This is my first review, and I'm no expert. However, I have been reading here for a good while, and whilst I can't dissect a scent the way some of you can, I think I can relate impressions in my own prosaic fashion.Mrs Sniff arrived home with a bottle of TK Maxx yesterday. Despite my imploring her to buy more Dolce and Gabbana red, which is ridiculously rude, she has decided (probably wisely) that it's just too provocative for every day wear. I had high hopes for Boudoir though: the name and packaging calling to mind discarded silks, lush textiles and mirrors of a Moulin Rouge dancer's dressing room.Mrs Sniff, aptly enough, had a cold, so applied it with abandon....seemingly unaware of its potency. Well, it certainly packs a punch....a bit like being assaulted by the torn feather pillows of the aforementioned dancer's bedroom. Now, this might sound like I'm being extraordinarily rude about this scent, but it whisked me, Ashes to Ashes style, straight back to the late seventies/early eighties, when, as a callow youth, I was bamboozled into a hormonal frenzy by the might of Babe (the cheap perfume, not the pig film). I'm not being rude though. The fluffy powder puff pink sweetness of Boudoir is actually quite intoxicating, and is undoubtedly more complex than Babe and its ilk. I rather like it....and I was still being buffed around the head with it at 7 am this morning, so it doesn't lack staying power.
27th November 2008
Boudoir is certainly not the opulent, powdery, Amouage interpretation of sensuality that I expected. The opening is heavy, thick, darkly floral, hinting at a plush, musty sexuality: It is powdered and ambered, but earthy and readily obtainable, still… it's far from being skanky. It's sweet but it is more opaquely intimate than it is sweet. The tobacco note comes through strongly for me and carries the heavy red rose, the cinnamon, and the patchouli with it to achieve its uniquely indulgent warmth. It's a fragrance potent and shameless in its implications, and it's entirely feminine. It doesn't smell at all like them, but it provides the same innuendos and suppositions as those old civet laden chypres of the past. Just as with those old chypres, I love the sensual, earthy sophistication of this one… It is a remarkable scent.
23rd August 2008
Within minutes, this turns into an overwhelming scent reminiscent of Tuberose, which I cannot tolerate though I wish I could. This tenacious scent eventually evolves into something that reminds me of what new lingerie should smell like--pink, mesh, woven with ribbons. It lives up to its name. It smells like a Boudoir strewn with lingerie and feminine frippery. Not for those who prefer Oriental or Woody scents.
7th August 2008
This is my very first scrubber! I was so looking forward to trying it, but it was just so sweet, with an underlying *something* that actually turned my stomach. The whole effect made me feel irritatable and sick. Just awful sweet powder and sickening something. Like perfume sprayed on something dead to ward off the smell.
26th July 2008