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Boucheron (1991)

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Reviews of Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

There are 119 reviews of Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron.

With Boucheron I do get a lemon citrus opening, but the orange and lavender do tone down the brightness just a bit, but not enough to take it into 'creamy' territory. My nose is not good enough to pick out much of the mid notes(rose, iris, carnation). I do find the opening does lead into noticeable base notes of sandlewood, musk, tonka and vetiver. It does indeed have an old school feel to it almost like it could just as well been a 1960s fragrance. "Habit Citron" , anyone? It fits a more mature style rather than youthful. I like Boucheron, it's not a love, but I respect it and enjoy wearing it occasionally. My hunch is that vintage Boucheron was a much better, richer and more elegant wear. I blind bought from a discounter as several trusted reviewers here waxed positively about this scent and hey, the bottle design is beautiful and looks good in my tray. Prices are in the $20s so not a huge investment to add this. It is not required smelling by any means and not going to be a top 15 recommendation for newbies. It does deserve a meek thumb up, though so don't totally dismiss it .
Nov 27, 2021

Like a walk in the arid mountain air scented with stone-pine tree needles under the intense mediterranean sun. this is a far-cry from the fruity bubblegum meterosexual scents of today.think Roger Sterling in the show mad men,a person who's not afraid to speak his mind but has a underlying gentlemanly charm.sparkling crisp citrus chypre and a perfectly modulated herbal fougere in one.not dated,not too strong.all the notes are blending together,to create a zesty, bright fougere.the creamy character of a fougere is fighting hard to push through the freshness of a citrusy woody cologne or rather EDT.the fight does not go unnoticed nor does it really end.

Opens on my skin with a green, masculine,slightly resinous and citrusy lavender mingled with basil.during mid development,basil becomes stronger with a nice touch of a bit calming bouquet of flowers with the tender trace of vetiver and carnation. these all leads into a woody,creamy, and mossy base with a whisper of musk.don't be affraid by the quite strong and spiky citrus settles down nicely after a hour or so to a herbal/vintagary aura that lingers in the definitely has an old school vibe but nothing outdated. some guys really need to know more about perfume's a lot closer to Eau de Sud and O de Lancome.
Oct 9, 2021

I've been wearing this beauty since about 1992 and still consider it one of the best. I wore it on my wedding day in June of 1992. I'm 54 now but throughout the 90s I wore this as my signature scent. Nowadays there are so many great fragrances out there that I don't have a signature scent however I do still love and respect Boucheron and it'll always have a place in my collection and in my active rotation. For the record I'm talking about the EDP. I have only limited experience with the EDT.
Jun 17, 2021

Got a 5ml sample as it crops up as a classic quite often on the forums and really pleased I did. Reminds me a little of Cerutti 1881 with the citrus opening (I get more lemon than orange) but with sweeter mid-notes/drydown. Will get a full bottle at some point.
Apr 6, 2021

I don't question that Boucheron PH was released in 1991...but it smells like it was designed in 1961. Regardless of it's very mature label and design of a vintage men's fragrance I do like this a lot.

It comes off very lemony fresh and smooth of sandalwood. Carnation and soap surfaces right up strong at fast then settles to a creamy and lightly powdery level. This does have a green quality that seems to be made from a lot of vetiver with a little bit of incense and lily of the valley. But I get a little leather to this fragrance though it's not listed.

This is a soft and elegant men's fragrance that's medium projection and holds on for 12 hours. I say it smells older because the lemon, sandalwood, and light floral touches combined smells like the opening of Jean Naté with higher quality notes. Boucheron PH may get some unisex referencing from that but it's a relaxed and great scent. Very gentlemanly.

Jun 28, 2019

I'm late 30's, but in my opinion this scent is for a much more mature person. My nose is not trained to pick up which note I'm smelling that senses this, but it definitely smells dated on me. Having said that, it's not an unpleasant scent.

I must add this this could really be considered unisex, in my opinion. Something seems very familiar to Chanel No. 5, or another similar scent in the powdery, floral, dated genre.

I had high hopes based on all the positive reviews from another site, but I won't be finishing my 5ml sample.
May 18, 2019

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