Boucheron fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, bergamot, blackcurrant, basil, orange blossom
  • Heart

    • tuberose, Jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium, iris, sandalwood, Cedarwood
  • Base

    • tonka bean, civet, oakmoss, benzoin, Amber, Olibanum, Musk

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I have an old extrait refill spray, and an old-style EDP. I have to say, the EDP is extremely lacking compared to the parfum - feels like they just added a lot more 80s musk and called it a day.

Anyway, the parfum spray, even though I only have (had) 7.5ml, I don't feel the need to backup. I can't imagine ever finishing this. One itsy bitsy spray and you're good for the day, and evening, night, and probably morning. Whatever you were wearing when you sprayed it, even your socks, will retain the smell. I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

The scent itself is what I'd call a "big floral". It's fruity, but otherwise just a huge floral accord with no particular standout.

What's followed is a huge sandalwood-musk accord that existed in the 80s. It lacks in current fragrances, but that's probably for the better for mankind.

This can still be had on eBay - don't hold out if you love big, brassy florals that announce you 10 feet before you arrive. It's a masterful blend and deserves its place in history - but it can feel a bit....80s.

Another note - I have 2 of the summer flankers. The year? Who knows! One is yellow-golden, the other blue. They smell good, moreso the gold. But better than the old extrait? Nah. More wearable, yes.
21st June 2023
Orange blossom & tuberose bubblegum; lifted by tart, green, woody and spicy notes.
A typical 80’s confection, the juice - in a Cyndi Lauper shade of auburn - tells you what it’s all about - even before it's left the bottle.
This is for those girls who just wanna have (a) fun (perfume).
26th November 2021

The Reader (Young Girl Reading) BY Jean-Honoré Fragonard 1770
25th July 2018
Beautifully mixed ingredients. Dancing notes of floral, citrus, and it's slightly animalic. A joy to behold. A modern classic. You will be noticed, while wearing this one. It is a cloud of confidence. A storm of strength. It rains sensuality.
16th June 2017
As befitting its provenance, Boucheron's opening is loud and proud, a confident trumpeting of citrus and big flowers, underlain with a dissonant note of something sharp and woody/vegetal. I put that down to the basil–and maybe the geranium?–mucking about in all the "pretty," but I'm only guessing based on the list of notes. I've worn this dozens of times, and I can't pick anything individual out. Except in the dry down, when Boucheron finally seems to have made it through the turbulence of its kitchen-sink composition and hit cruising altitude with its lushly sweet, powdery, orange creamsicle/vanilla/benzoin dry down. It's like what I always hope L'Heure Bleue will end up being before it devolves into wet pencil shavings.

Fantastic bottle, too.
2nd March 2017
Nothing really stands out to me in this creation, except maybe the impression that everything is in its right place; the basil and tuberose perfectly proportioned to accent and be accented by the sandal and civet, which are in turn toned down to watercolor with the use of iris and benzoin. It is sweet but not tacky, hazy but not at all indistinct. It's just a really well-made fruity floriental. It is rare that a fragrance can smell unmistakably like the 80's but not 'dated.'
14th February 2016
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