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Bottega Veneta (2015)

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Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extrême by Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extrême is a men's fragrance launched in 2015 by Bottega Veneta

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Reviews of Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extrême by Bottega Veneta

There are 13 reviews of Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extrême by Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta pour Homme Extréme sits at a halfway point between Tom Ford Plum Japonais (2013) and House of Matriarch Blackbird/Black No. 1 (2012) and is inferior to neither of them.

There's a prominant plummy fruitiness to BV Extréme that isn't disclosed in the note pyramid, which gives way to a sappy pine-infused leather. The leather is the soft, luxurious, cozy type, and it gives this a distinctly unisex quality.

Projection is modest but longevity is good, in keeping with the tasteful aesthetic of the fragrance.

I really love this one. The initial notes are so beautiful: spicy, a bit of leather, masculine, barbershop. And it lasts on me a good while. I'm pretty sure it was discontinued in 2018.

Very lovely juniper, pine, and leather with a great pimento note. The leather is very soft and supple, not especially prominent, but still very much noticeable. It is serious, masculine, and quite sexy, with a smidge of freshness that makes me think that it would work well in warmer weather as well as during the autumn and winter. However, like other Bottega Veneta fragrances I've tried, the performance was poor for me - around 3 hours longevity, and limited projection and sillage. Ultimately, I sold it; but still I get cravings for it. I've since sampled Russian Leather by the house of Memo Paris, and as other reviewers have noted, can affirm that they are quite similar, though Russian Leather is superior in terms of scent profile and performance. I'll be picking up a bottle eventually. Still, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme is a classy, sexy, very well composed fragrance hearkening back to the old favorites that could shake up your winter rotation of sweet and spicy orientals. I just wish it lasted longer on my skin.


All three versions, the edt, Extreme and Parfum all have a similar green, spicy top with a soapy, leather base. They also all smell generically pleasing but all have a unique note. It feels classic and modern at the same time. As for the Extreme version compared to the edt, it just feels like everything is amped up, especially the pine and fir balsam.

Performance is good, projecting nicely for 4-5 hours and longevity lasting 8-9 hours.

i liked the regular version when i tested at the store. bought a sample of the extreme version, but didnt like it. its harsh and dirty, and remains like that for a long time. it took almost 4-6 hours for the dirtyness to subside and then it finally got the nice quality that i liked in the regular.

A truly 'more' version of the original. No one note is highlighted over the other or expressed excessively like other brands tend to do when the Extreme moniker is applied.
Some might not like it if the balance of the original is perfect to you. It is to me, but I also enjoy the 'fresh burst' aromatic nature of extreme version.

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