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Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Bottega Veneta

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Reviews of Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta

There are 25 reviews of Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta.

Topnotes of watermelon jolly rancher and wet dough dissolve into a watery, slightly sweet calone-infused smooth suede, which becomes more powdery and elegant as it dries down. Not for me but a decent leather that could appeal to others.

This is really quite pretty. At first spray, I thought it seemed like a generic sweet floral, but I'm glad that I let it develop and tried it a second time as well before writing this review. The second time, I smelled the pink peppercorn note, which I loved. It's a lovely perfume to be aware of over a day, and to keep smelling to see how it's changed.

I bought a bottle of Daim Blonde (Sheldrake) and the comparisons dredged my memory banks, archived away, those of Cuir Amethyste and the reviews that it engendered. The two (CA and BV) sit together in Michel Almairac's spreadsheet no doubt. Here I am sitting with all three, my spreadsheet diminished, not bolstered, but years have gone by since I owned the releases of Opium, Cinnabar, Youth Dew, Poison etc, nobody would chide you for having those in your collection now. The prices have never dropped! Bottega Veneta is a tamed Cuir Amethyste, which was the alter ego of Xenia Onnatopp and with Jean Claude Ellena's Cuir d'Ange is the best mainstream example of its type. They're all simply wonderful, very collectable.

This uncompromisingly feminine concoction from Bottega Veneta revolves around a quite evident accord of smooth mossy leather and super spicy lily of the valley. The latter, as connected to jasmine and probably rose, is heady and musky, really sophisticated and smooth. Leather is mostly a suedish musky floral sensual feminine leather. I detect definitely piquant spices, hints of frankincense, benzoin, rose and a warm musky sensual patchouli. A classic Armani fragrance like Onde Mystere jumps on mind as well as the more modern and sensual Cuir Amethyste (warmer, more rosey and vanillic). Another fragrance jumping on mind is the spicy floral Giulietta Capuleti Soul Drops (really close in style to Bottega Veneta). A fragrance constructed on a gorgeous classic style but with a musky cleaner modern twist. Dry down is sultrier and warmer. A well made mature bold appointment.

I like this a lot, and it may yet go on my wishlist. On me it is a soft leather, perfect for fall or winter. It is safe to wear to the office, but not boring. I went to look for my decant a couple of days ago, and found that the last couple of millileters had evaporated. I was sad, but not heartbroken, which is why I'm questioning whether I need a full bottle of this. If I find it cheap, I'd quite likely pick it up.

This is it... I fell in love with this perfume the moment I tried it on. It just makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. It is classy and sophisticated.

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