BBW's new Men's Botanical Blend Fragrance Tonic is both luxurious and modern. Packaged in a sleek, square glass bottle, this cologne offers a long-lasting, dapper fragrance experience.

Botanical Blend fragrance notes

    • Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, White Patchouli, Forest Moss

Latest Reviews of Botanical Blend

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O, Botanotes!
Though weak and discontinued
Forever classic!

Herbal and soapy
You stand accused of being
Halston Z-14

By unbelievers
Scoffers, cynics and pagans
Those who cannot bear

Joyous fragrant truth
That fragrances of the gods
Are still to be found

In the bargain bin
On Flyoveria's shores.
Come!  Travel with me

To Perfume City!
Queen Perfumisto awaits
To honor you, sir!
29th January 2020