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    • violet, freesia, mango, mandarin, sandalwood, cedarwood

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Hugo Boss for women - Hugo Boss
Good perfume for women who want to smell smell fresh and clean while running outdoors- it even smells somewhat like new sneakers to... Best advice though, is to just run past this thing.
4th July 2019
I bought this because I was looking for a very clean, fresh eau type fragrance. It is certainly not unique in that regard, but it worked better for me than others in the "eau" genre. I have other perfumes that are much better than this one (in that genre as well), but I find it to be quite nice. It's certainly inoffensive, and works great for summer. Not every scent has to be the most memorable.
10th January 2014

Sour, synthetic, bland, generic white-out liquid. Floral? There is no plant in the universe this boring? Hedione, is that you?
7th July 2012
I didn't expect much from this fragrance prior to testing it. I wanted to explore more from the Hugo Boss range, and I would have felt incomplete if I hadn't tried all that was there to offer.

Boss Woman, while surprising at first, especially with it's delightfully sweet mango opening, turns out to be just as plain and boring as the bottle it comes in.

This fragrance won't offend; it's office friendly, warm weather friendly and an obvious crowd pleaser. I've smelt so many similar fragrances in the last few years, that I seem to have this constant feeling of deja-vu.

Boss Woman has become one of Hugo Boss' harder-to-find scents, and in some ways I wish that it was more readily available, so that I could see the disappearance of the disastrous Hugo XX instead.

While nicely balanced between fruitiness and flowery accords, Boss Woman makes me think of shampoo and Summer. Clean and simple, is the nicest thing I can say.

One thing that I do applaud is the fact that Boss Woman is barely synthetic. Although I love Deep Red, I do find its plasticine accord too much on certain days. Boss Woman is the first 'natural' scent by Hugo Boss that I've experienced, and for that I'm happy.

The lasting power is pretty good, as is the sillage. Out of the many Summer scents I detest these days, Boss Woman is something I'd prefer to smell on many young girls this coming season, despite the fact that this isn't really my cup of tea.
1st March 2012
After an initial blast of something too sharp, this scent settles into a nice comfortable spot, not too floral, not to fruity, not too woodsy, not too sweet, nor too strong. If you're looking for something that doesn't stand out, give this a try. If you like perfumes with a little more personality then move on.
23rd June 2010
A very ordinary scent - sharp floral woods - I do wonder why I am writing this review other than to say - save your money and buy something better than this. on the whole Hugo Boss perfumes are not that good. There are thousands of scents that smell similar to this ,IMHO.Bland.
18th June 2010
Well, I liked the start; a bitter fruitiness with a fresh cut flower pop. After that it becomes a rather dull accord of freesia and sandalwood. I prefer the crisp kind of white floral instead of a lazy one.
21st April 2010
Very nice, refreshing, young and feminine smell. I can not image anybody doesn't like it. Ok sillage, ok longevity and never to strong. Buy it!
15th August 2009
I tried Hugo Boss Woman for a day and I quite liked it. Its neither heavy nor too floral, which is exactly what I'm looking for. But there's something about the smell after, say 20 minutes, that I associate with office women. But not the types that wear skirts, but women who can pull off wearing a suit without giving up any femininity at all . At first I thought that was just the name -you know, boss-, but then I let people smell it without adding the name and they actually said the same thing. That could be the effect on my skin only though. Its the reason I don't wear it. My Boyfriend's first comment to the smell was: "Good! Very nice... but too old for you." Confirming what I actually already knew. Hugo Boss Woman would probably smell very good on women who are 28-35, smart, subtle-sexy and feminine. And since I'm smart, but only 20 I can't really pull it off.
13th December 2008
A lovely smell if used with moderation. It's sweet, but not too sweet, not too fresh either, just right. It makes me feel adored and happy and it has even been my favourite perfume some time ago and it brought me lots of compliments. I think it fits mature women as well as younger ones. One sniff of this always brings a smile on my face :)
22nd October 2008
I like it. it has a citrusy and woody scent with musk. The notes are: - top notesMandarin, Mango, Kumquat - Heart noteFreesia, Orris, Passiflore - base noteSandal, Cedarwood It is different than the other is fresh not deep and not sweet.It is a Floral - Fruity type of perfume. The scent lasts long as you can smell the base notes after 6 hours. I liked the mandarin note at the top.
23rd April 2008
Smells like a cheap rip off version of Tommy Girl.
9th March 2007