Boss The Scent Intense for Him fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ginger, cardamom
  • Heart

    • maninka fruit
  • Base

    • vanilla, leather

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Starts off with Maninka fruit and a very soft sweet ginger. The leather notes are sort of subtle; not boozy, not wet just sort of flat. Drydown is a really heavy vanilla which was the dominant note for me.

Lasted around 6 hours. Overall this is a well made fragrance, it's just a bit boring. RRP price (2020) is around £50 for 50ml which is reasonable.
9th September 2020
Very generic. Not really the leathery ginger it claims to be
3rd October 2019

An easy reach fragrance with great appeal. In all honesty I really enjoy this, the original has been intensified massively, it's almost a fiery ginger version with a slight tartness in the beginning. The synthetic vanilla is lightly present throughout to add a slightly sweet mass market sales appeal, if this was the intention then bravo it's worked. I do get a faintest drop of leather in this but only to ground the main notes from becoming overly nauseating. Imagine Perry Ellis 360 red with a touch of vanilla and a bit of leather and you'd be close, finally after a couple of hours this settles into a kind of soapy orange, really pleasing overall and something I reach for often in a hurry.
31st October 2018
Boss was lazy with the bottle and jus color.
Unless you see them side by side or look for the intense (written in small letters on the bottle) you would not be able to tell the difference...

...until you smell the jus. Intense is a more intense version, and I like it better.

Could easily be a YSL L'Homme or Givenchy Gentlemen Only flanker. I gave the original jus a neutral rating. This one gets a thumbs up.

Very 'today'.
27th November 2017