Boss Spirit fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Artemisia, Peppermint, Aldehyde, Green Note, Wormwood, Galbanum
  • Heart

    • Lavender, Tarragon, Geranium
  • Base

    • Sandal, Leather, Amber, Patchouli

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A soft leather fougère : herbal, aromatic and sweet.
Old fashioned but still good, the Werthers Original of Aftershave.
25th July 2021
fresh green piney and opulent.
90s summer jewel.
9th January 2019

Can you imaging a chimera built from parts of Lacoste Pour Homme, Gucci's Nobile, and Drakkar Noir?

Spirit's bracing herbal opening is exactly what I was hoping it would be - wormwood, lavender, and lovely aldehydes. There is some galbanum going on too, but that's less exciting for me; I'm here to see the band, not the roadies. A delicate mint note reminds you of its presence every so often. The leathery-amber base is so supportive of the top notes that the transitions are very fluid. I would have expected a good deal of moss, but I feel the creators didn't want to cloud the sharp, bitter purity of the opening. There are those who will settle for a 'beer' and the fewer who ask for a rich IPA; the kind of people who like as much bitter as sweet, and need a natural touch. Boss Spirit is for green lovers. Spirit isn't particularly long-lasting in terms of projection (it remains very long as a skin scent), but I enjoy it more than any other offering I have tried from this house.
4th October 2016
Wow! With such nice top notes I iniatially couldn't believe anyone would dislike this fragrance. It's a solid green/aromatic fougere where its green notes remind me of Paco Rabanne pour homme, but It definetely shares a spicy sweet drydown with Aramis. Less pungent, as an updated version. There's also a nice boozy/cold note that is tangled up with the rest of the composition and amplifies it, really nice effect, similar to the one found in Giorgio Red.
To sum it up, It's a skin scent and its longevity and projection is weak. maybe that's the reason It wasn't appreciated as It deserved, although It's great while It lasts!
19th December 2014
A Boss deserving respect
Galbanum. Wormwood. Green mint. Artemisia. And aldehydes, lots of aldehydes - Coco C would have approved. Lavender adds a traditional touch, whilst flowery, woody and soft sweetish leather components arrive in the drydown. Still - the aldehydes seem to stay forever. It is not boring and made of good quality components. Alas on me silage and projection are poor, but the longevity is respectable at four hours.
29th July 2013
This is excellent. Starts with fruity green galbanum. The oakmoss is ever present. Definitely wormwood as well. The drydown is beautiful. Reminds me of the original Burberry drydown, which is a favorite of mine.
4th January 2013
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