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Hugo Boss (2005)

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Reviews of Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

There are 40 reviews of Boss Soul by Hugo Boss.

Boss Soul is a darker, cool-weather scent that is somewhat scratchy and synthetic in the opening but the drydown is soft, powdery and pleasant. Reminds me of TF Black Orchid but not as loud and a little more masculine. Sexy and enjoyable to wear.

Projection is just decent throughout but longevity is good, 8-9 hours.

Jun 18, 2020

I bought this many years ago. I was enthralled by its complex note profile - just check out the triangle above!! Anyhow, whereas I loved Boss Soul ten years ago, somehow it doesn't please like before. A very peppery, even oud-like quality (though there is no oud listed in the profile). It starts out with a lot of promise, hitting me with its carousel of notes in measured doses. But now, it becomes quite cloying after a few hours, to the point that I actually want to remove it from my skin. It just could be that the bottle I have just hasn't aged too well.

[Edit, 2019: I was going through and organizing my scent collection recently, and I came across Boss Soul. I decided to give it another try. And strangely enough, I have once again given this a thumbs up. I must not have had a good body chemistry / environmental quality in my test of Boss Soul as done in 2016.

I didn't feel any cloying effect this time around, but instead enjoyed its more or less linear, peppery-mandarin-dark amber vibe that lasted nearly all day.

NOT a scrubber in my estimation anymore: Boss Soul is a friendly, comforting experience that I'm glad to have retested and reclaimed the original enjoyment I had over a decade ago, when I had first purchased it in 2005.]
Nov 30, 2016

If I wanted to impress an Emarati from the UAE, this would be the scent that I would wear.

I only tried it once but I noticed that it turned a lot of Emarati heads.
Nov 29, 2016


It is paradox BOTTLED or IN MOTION as this one have talent for creating scent it is Masculine and my opinion it is not much Romantic or Modern.Good scent but not a adorable scent for me.

My first impression of SOUL was Spicy.Warm and Brave and The Cinnamon is obvious too.Generally this is for cinnamon lovers.Perfect for a independent man (between 30/50 years old)

I would not recommend this for Everyday wear The mood and Occasion must be Formal for this Evening fragrance. Definitely for wearning in AUTUMN/WINTER.The bottle is beautiful too.


Lonegvity?Average on my skin.

Jun 1, 2015

A bit of a synthetic-sharp start develops into what initially appears to be another peppery-fresh and bland scent, but after about 1/2 hour the drydown gains in depth, adding a wood note that is supported by a bit of vetiver, musk and tonka-based sweetness that distinguishes it from
similar products with little personality.  On me it never is really that sweet but quite smooth with a touch of balancing brightness.  Overall quite acceptable, with a decent longevity of about three hours.  One of Boss's more convincing creations. 
Feb 5, 2013

Let me start off by saying when I first tested this on my hand I almost ran away from it. The initial blast to me was something medicinal and something hard for me to describe. I have learned that you can't judge a fragrance by a initial impression and that you should give it a full wearing before passing judgement. I got this dirt cheap and decided to give it a full wearing the other day and man oh man I am so glad I bought this. Yes its very subtle and the longevity could be better but the wood note in this is wonderful and I think if it had been stronger it might have been too cloying so I am actually glad its not stronger than it is. If I could describe this scent i would have to say it smells like nothing else on the market which makes this original in my book. If you find this dirt cheap don't be afraid to buy it. Give it a chance. I'm glad I did.
Jul 15, 2012

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