Reviews of Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

Boss Selection - Hugo Boss
This could have been so much more if they had increased the budget for creating it. Its not bad at all but cheap materials results in a perfume for cheap men who want to impress at a job-interview with skills they dont possess.
9th July 2019
Let the scent with no
Pleasant mediocrity
Wet the first scrub brush.
12th June 2018

An awfully synthetic smelling scent, which reminds me of the stench of my dad's old Toyota cigarette smoke - soaked velour seats that made me nauseous when I was a kid. I still get this feeling when I think of Selection, got it as a present a couple of years ago, tried it for a while and than passed it to my dad as a revenge for smoking in the car with me travelling in the back seat for all those years!!:) Thumbs down.
26th August 2014
Another mediocre scent from Boss. Very ordinary, synthetic and mainstream nowadays. The fragrance reminds the smell of some supermarket's deodorant. It starts citrusy, holds on fruity-floral (iris, jasmine?) with  hints of ozone, ending woody with a sugary-creamy hint (amber-almond?) and a touch of vetiver, musk and smoke. l smell the association with scents as Cool Water, Baldessarini and Egoiste Platinum but this one is fruiter and more sugary-edible and finally warm.
20th March 2012
Opens with citrus.
Sweet, smooth, powerful.
Inoffensive, with a clear-clean character.
No particular or distinctive features. Neither good nor bad.
21st December 2010
i saw it for a cheap price so i said "hey why not". This fragrance is not bad and its not fantastic. its not an everyday kind of scent, and its not amazing enough that i would wear it over other fragrances for very special occasions. this will be something i wear if im going to a dinner with family or something when im not really trying to impress anyone.
10th August 2010
This smells very rough to my nose, sweet, green citrus but quite harsh and cheap. It also doesn't change much from the moment you put it on. No thanks from me, there are so many better options out there for this kind of scent for similar money.
30th March 2010
Hugo Boss Selection :)Boss selection is my first and favourite fragrance from Hugo boss. I find Hugo by Hugo boss too green and Boss Bottled too plain. Having tried Boss Selection out at Boots built up my appreciation on what other say about a scent being "elegantly fresh and clean". Based on the commercial and its high-quality juice, I could not agree more to vote Hugo Boss Selection for "office and formal use".Sillage is about right not to alarm others. Longevity is second to none. Elegant and polite fragrance, IMHO.All in all. 10/10 for me.
5th February 2010
a very sweet scent but the sillage and longevity could do better.
25th October 2009
Nothing special. I wouldn't mind getting it as a gift, but hardly I'd buy it.

Edit: This scent is in fact quite soft and airy, but does bring about positive emotions, thus should not be discarded in a cold manner.
29th June 2009
This is a masculine and slightly dark fragrance, that still remains quite inoffensive. It's green and woody and, although it's not that complex, I've never found it boring or too generic. The cap is really impressive and both the packaging and the bottle are very nice.Selection was the very first fragrance I ever bought and it's still the best scent I've tried from Hugo Boss. On an absolute scale it doesn't rank very high, but it's still a good fragrance for someone who is just starting to explore the world of scents, or needs something to wear with a suit. However, younger men should think twice before buying this, because in my opinion this will work better with men who are over 30 than with most younger lads.
7th April 2009
Recieved as a christmas present, it's ok. There is absolutely nothing in this that would make me want to buy it again. its very boring. The grey is most suitable as it is very grey in the way it smells. Only two things really come to mind when wearing this cologne, U from ungaro, and Pencil shavings. A slightly fruitesque opening with the mandarin and grapefruit, other than that. I can only say I'm not impressed.
16th January 2009
this is a very clean woody & floral scent. probably my favorite in the boss line along side dark blue and boss bottled. as many have stated, it does smell like a toned down del mar, but i actually prefer this one to that, as selection's dry down makes it versatile enough to be used in both formal and day to day affairs, whereas del mar is a little too formal. pretty decent silage. recommended if you've just started wearing colognes and want something safe.
2nd January 2009
Smells like Del Mar with a watered down purple or red feel to it. The dry down is pretty long-lived, but smells like sugary cotton candy (which is kinda redundant, but...). I guess it's okay if you like sweet young smelling stuff and you're a young dude (or girl). If that's your thing, then neutral. For a scent called "Selection"...I dunno. Thought it'd be more elite smelling and powerful.
23rd September 2008
It's for someone who likes green scents with a touch of darkness. I don't feel it's boring at all. Opens with a sparkling fresh green, peppery grapefruit with hints of violets setting the tone for the scent (the trademark sweet note of plum). The fern note would remind one of the fresh accords of Montales Fougere Marines. The mid-notes have a spiked up spicy bite giving of a feel that the leaf has been freshly crushed. The overall tone of the scent is dark and has a plum like sweetness to it (think chevignon, lacoste ph?)..This settles down to a very comforting base of musky sweetness with good hint of vetiver and woody notes. Boring? naaa. Matter of fact, not many scents out there can beat this one for formal occasions which requires one to wear suits. A very elegant wear. Perfect for office and important meetings. Not a date type unless you are wearing something formal.
23rd September 2008
A nice clean and green scent with touches of juicy plum and pear, one of the better contemporary Boss releases.
4th September 2008
A ho-hum green woody fragrance that immediately reminded me of Gramercy Park by Bond no. 9.
10th July 2008
Boring and unoriginal. Smells like a watered down version of Del Mar, which is also put out by Boss/Baldessarini. This fragrance is generic and obviously produced for the masses who are looking for something that won't offend at the office. As a man who appreciates a fine cologne, I find this scent to be utterly boring and the epitome of mediocrity. If you want a real fragrance check out Chanel Egoiste Platinum, don't waste your money on this.
3rd July 2008
Nothing original indeed... Starts fresh and quickly turns to a generic sweet and fruity smell, a bit synthetic, similar to the ones found in Z Zegna and Cool water deep. It's not a bit powdery as the first neither so intense in its fruity notes as the second.All in all, It's a nice casual fragrance. Just too expensive for what it is.
22nd May 2008
Sometimes I would check-out the reviews before buying a fragrance, other times I do it the other way round. For BOSS SELECTION, I bought first then checked out the reviews(MIXED!!..not surprising) This is a very good fragrance, fresh and sweet-fruity but that's just the beginning, BS will go on to reveal its masculinity, arid, floral, warm musk in a way I've experienced in only one other Fragrance ROMANCE For Men (RALPH LAUREN), Which I also loved.
21st December 2007
This was bought for me by my wife. And thank God she doesn't know what my online ID here is.I really don't like this. Don't get me wrong, at first, when you put it on it smells fresh and clean, but it dries down to an overly cloying sweetness which makes me wish I'd worn something else during the day.And this is nothing like the original Baldessarini (which I also have). The Baldessarini smells expensive and has a nice dry down which this doesn't.Maybe it's just my skin but, this doesn't float my boat.
27th November 2007
Generic? Indeed, beyond any doubt. I guess this scent revolves exclusively around the famous " Boss sweetness " which can range from atrocious to pure genius from scent to scent. This one seemed to have landed right in the middle, yet slightly less effeminate and mainstream like the other mass produced Boss scents appearing almost every second and which are spposed to be masculine. While suitable for teenagers, i would associate this scent with 20 something, at most 30 something young executives, officials or members of the vast suburban middle class, maybe as their office wear, but i think it's a little to casual for that, but most likely in their spare time or during their night out downtown, clubbing.
1st July 2007
In my opinion Hugo Boss' best creation to date (although I have not yet sampled the 80's frags or Soul yet). It is very unique as have not come across a similar scent. It is a sweet frag that has a hint of almond/marzipan??? An older person's scent that can't really offend.
8th June 2007
Nothing special, poor longevity, uninspiring, and unremarkable. Nothing new here to discover but not unpleasant.
1st June 2007