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Boss Selection - Hugo Boss
This could have been so much more if they had increased the budget for creating it. Its not bad at all but cheap materials results in a perfume for cheap men who want to impress at a job-interview with skills they dont possess.
9th July 2019
Let the scent with no
Pleasant mediocrity
Wet the first scrub brush.
12th June 2018

An awfully synthetic smelling scent, which reminds me of the stench of my dad's old Toyota cigarette smoke - soaked velour seats that made me nauseous when I was a kid. I still get this feeling when I think of Selection, got it as a present a couple of years ago, tried it for a while and than passed it to my dad as a revenge for smoking in the car with me travelling in the back seat for all those years!!:) Thumbs down.
26th August 2014
Another mediocre scent from Boss. Very ordinary, synthetic and mainstream nowadays. The fragrance reminds the smell of some supermarket's deodorant. It starts citrusy, holds on fruity-floral (iris, jasmine?) with  hints of ozone, ending woody with a sugary-creamy hint (amber-almond?) and a touch of vetiver, musk and smoke. l smell the association with scents as Cool Water, Baldessarini and Egoiste Platinum but this one is fruiter and more sugary-edible and finally warm.
20th March 2012
Opens with citrus.
Sweet, smooth, powerful.
Inoffensive, with a clear-clean character.
No particular or distinctive features. Neither good nor bad.
21st December 2010
i saw it for a cheap price so i said "hey why not". This fragrance is not bad and its not fantastic. its not an everyday kind of scent, and its not amazing enough that i would wear it over other fragrances for very special occasions. this will be something i wear if im going to a dinner with family or something when im not really trying to impress anyone.
10th August 2010
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