Boss Orange fragrance notes

  • Head

    • apple, bergamot, cinnamon
  • Heart

    • white peach, plum, orange flower
  • Base

    • olivewood, sandalwood, vanilla

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This is a fluffy orange spice cake with a deliciously creamy vanilla icing. Like a lovely woman in a easy on the eyes, it is very easy on the nose and, therefore, the senses overall. On first spray it's a blast of straight up apple, but after a couple minutes the orange and vanilla start to kick in which reminds me more of scented plastic toys then of cake or anything christmas-like. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Soft sillage and performance.
6th July 2021
This can't get a negative vote. It's only boring, it's not bad. A sweet Cologne-style orange, good for a summer kick. Sillage and longevity are average as well.
14th August 2017

In this case the name seems to be aptly chosen, as within the bergamot-driven opening blast I get fruity citrus notes, most notably orange, at a very early stage. The fruitiness then shifts towards a more peachy impression, and in the base a woodsy-vanilla mix supervenes; the later alas being overly generic in nature.

As far as performance is concerned, I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin. Nice on a cooler summer day, just a shame about the generic finish.
23rd June 2015
It's orientally citrusy ...but nothing special. Don't get me wrong! I like it I do. It smells good but just not good enough to send the shivers down my spine and auwwwwss me!! It stays in my ‘ordinary' perfume collection. I use this for casual occasions like going out shopping or simply out for groceries.
9th May 2014
A light cologne-style orange blossom firmly in the middle of the road, which is no bad place to be if you're a mass market fragrance. However soon morphs into the washing up liquid version, losing any residue of casual chic. The smell of someone who devotes their life to a spotless kitchen?
20th February 2014
I just was given a sample of Boss Orange and all I can say is - I would rather eat an orange creamsicle than wear one!
4th August 2012
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