Boss Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • spice, kumquat
  • Heart

    • vanilla orchids, turkish rose
  • Base

    • woods, amber, musk

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i love this perfume..... i'm just not sure why they stop selling it... now i need something that works like it :)
11th February 2013
This is currently my bed-time scent. It's not something I'd probably wear out, however its clean woodsiness is very soothing on a cold Winter's night under the blankets.

Boss Intense has an almost masculine feel to it. Not that it bothers me, I gender bend fragrances all the time. Some people refer to Boss Intense as being similar to Deep Red, also by Hugo Boss. I own both, and while I see the similarities, Deep Red is much sweeter and more tasty.

Vanilla does feature in this fragrance, however it's not sugary or particularly feminine. This fragrance has an odd bite to it, being rather bold and resinous in a way.

I feel powerful when I wear this fragrance, hence the reason why I recommend this fragrance for the tom-boys and those dominating types of women.

Boss Intense was a gift given to me by a friend, and even though it doesn't strike me as something particularly me, I will use the bottle up until the last drop.

This fragrance can be overpowering at times, and has a habit of sticking to fabric, especially my sheets. This fragrance really has to be applied lightly for it to be appreciated.
1st March 2012

Sex in hot, humid weather in some faraway but not altogether isolated place. The scent is too sophisticated for that. Urban, asian, retro makes me think of Lust Caution by Ang Lee. What with the spice and the kumquat I can see how some might say it is borderline sickening. But it does not cross that line. Mythically (I've never been) very Southeast Asia, that is the first thing it conjures up. Must be the kumquat. You can feel the ripeness of the fruit in the in the perfume. The scent lays on the skin using the body's heat to insinuate itself on anyone who comes close enough. A perfume with a hook. Will definitely not elicit a shrug for a response.
1st August 2010
Starts off floral and spicy. The end of the drydown it smells really "off" and of a very musky sandalwood. The rose is playful and a little sparkling. Not as strong as I would expect from something named intense. Usually something with that suffix is a flanker to another scent but with Hugo Boss's naming scheme for their fragrances I can't figure that out.
5th December 2009
Very dry smell, nothing special. I don't like it.
15th August 2009
intense...but not in the wrong way. not sweet at all, just a little bit too spicy.... i used it during winter and it worked just fine for me ....
30th April 2009
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