Boss Femme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Tangerine, Blackcurrant, Freesia
  • Heart

    • Jasmine, Fleur de lys, Bulgarian rose
  • Base

    • Apricot, Lemon wood

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A nice fresh fruity opening, with mandarin and blackcurrant combining nicely. The heart notes are floral, with a somewhat uninspiring jasmine standing out. The base is generic with fruity hints.

Middle-of-the-road is my overall impression. I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity. 2/5
15th June 2015
From the bottle design until scent all news of a modern fragrance.FEMME is a delicious feeling of elegance.a nice light scent that makes you feel elegant and playful at the same time! joyful,soft, interesting,delicate,bright, feminine, simple and inoffensive.

Feminine heart notes of jasmine and rose are blended with fresh notes of tangerine and black currant.amber, lemon and apricot in the base keeping it clean and feminine.generally crisp and fruity it puts you in mind of nature but without the heavy floral aroma.

It smells reminiscent of light spring rain and summer flowers for me.very easy to wear.Ideal for vivacious and kindly character.It is for everyday & causal wear in spring/summer.I like the scent, but I can not say I absolutely love it.
1st June 2015

This delicate and shy ultra-feminine fragrance is an averagely sharp and watery fruity-floral with a touch of romanticism in its soul. The general  sour tartness is made of citrus, freesia and blackcurrant while the  lemon tree note placed in the base holds on the abiding orangy-lemony vibe that flanks the typical cherry smell from blackcurrant. The initial citrus-freesia-blackcurrant chord stands few treads before the aquatic territories.The consistent fruity bitterness is (hardly) antagonized by a sort of  floral delicacy that manages to instil  a touch of dreamy romanticism coming out straith from an other age. I don't catch the note of apricot, at least any kind of tasty, sweet and mellow final density whirls under my nose. The chemical feel proper of the modern scents is not particularly stressed here. The smell is cool, innocent and feminine, is not a winner for sure but ( as well as already told) there is nothing to dislike about it.
13th January 2012
A very pretty little scent. Nothing extraordinary, but wearable and inoffensive nonetheless.

I particularly enjoy this fragrance's softness and ultra femininity. Although this fragrance is a fruity floral, it doesn't scream fruit or synthetic sweetness, rather it's delicate, natural and unobtrusive.

There's nothing to dislike about Boss Femme. The opening of black currant, freesia and tangerine is pretty and soft. The heart which is made up of lily, jasmine and rose, smells like a fresh bunch of flowers which settles so naturally on the skin. The lemon tree note in the drydown is a lovely way to conclude this scent because it literally smells like a fruit orchard.

I had no problem with the lasting power. I've been wearing this for 4 hours and I can still smell it.

Boss Femme is a delightful fragrance if you want something gentle and feminine that guarantees not to offend.

5th June 2011
Hugo Boss Femme Smells Like a Copy ofIntimetly Beckham to me it's barely there to light for my taste and i like me and my perfumes to get noticed. it does not last long on me so i'm swapping if anybody's interested it's a feminine version of a hard Authorian boss Pefume. and it's perfectto go out with your co workers for a spring weekend Lunch out with firends
28th October 2010
This was given to me as a birthday present. Its non-offensive, a nice office perfume. Fresh and likeable. Not different or unusual just nice.
29th March 2010
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