Boss Bottled Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Grapefruit, Yuzu, Pink Peppercorn
  • Heart

    • Lavender, Cardamom, Aldehyde
  • Base

    • Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

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Every designer apparently has a different definition for 'sport'.

In this iteration, it means bright citruses followed by sharp synthetics that are short lived. That said, if you take this serious and want it to perform as a full fledged fragrance, you will be disappointed.

It is not bad, but it's crime is being associated with Boss Bottled. Then again if it was a stand alone launch, it might not get any attention.

Hot weather only, preferably humid conditions.
27th November 2017

Citrus with some lavender in the opening accord… I don't get the pepper note. This accord smells quite synthetic – and the synthetic ambiance is even magnified by the aldehydes. I don't get much of a change in the middle – I'm not sure that I smell any cardamom, but I continue to smell lavender and aldehydes. When the base arrives I get a synthetic vetiver that is so dominant that I think the aldehydes are still going strong. The screechy vetiver hangs on for a long time with a little growing sweetness and finally mellows a little with the entrance of the patchouli. Another typical Boss fragrance that you can go wrong with.
10th March 2015

A nice spring/summer fragrance which starts sweet and does end with a fizzle... I give it a thumbs up because the opening is awesome... I just wished the entire scent lasted longer... Reasonably priced online as well...
18th November 2014
Mostly a sweet sensation when first applied after it dries down I've found sillage rather weak, although I must say at $40(from the local pharmacy) you can't go wrong adds great value to your collection especially being one of the top named brands
21st March 2014
The opening is very synthetic, and very sharp on the nose. The generic citrus / alcohol slowly recedes into a pleasant and rich spicy lavender for about 30 minutes before finally settling into a soft curry-scented soap. If Boss Bottled Sport's middle notes could expand to the whole experience, it would be a hit, but the top notes are so unpleasant, it's not worth the wait.
13th May 2013
great summer scent. citrus blast with a lotta depth.then the cardamon and basenotes take over to give it great longevity. the tonka bean and veviter are winners while not being in your face. worth 35 bucks for the 3.3 oz bottle. longevity and sillage are great while projection is average. p.s. it is the winter and i'm sure this will be one of my fav summer scents along with geir ness,issey miyake and aramis bermuda tonic..
27th January 2013
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