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Hugo Boss (1998)

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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

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Reviews of Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

There are 115 reviews of Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss.

A fruity (mainly apple and plum) vanilla that's tamed by some cinnamon. Sort of like apple pie, but a simple representation of it. The performance could be better but it also doesn't dissipate too quickly after spraying. You can afford to respray this during the day, so make sure to buy this at discounters. I would say that this is fine for all year round usage. It's not going to project in the winter, but if you're working in the office, it's not going to matter. The scent profile isn't geared for summer weather, but it's alright for Canadian summers. This is ideal for the spring and fall.

You can make this your signature scent and you won't offend anyone. If you want something better performing, opt for one of the flankers. Just make sure you buy this at the discounters; this isn't worth the full retail price.

For me....I like to buy bottles and collect...But when I want to wear something that I know will work in any situation, be confident that I smell good, not to sweet, not creating a large scent trail and give off that "Trying to hard vibe" cologne guy.....Boss Bottled is still my favorite after all these years. I guess it has been reformulated, but It works on my skin.

Pound for pound, still my favorite versatile cologne, casual, work, everything except summer days...Boss Bottled is the OG which many fragrances today are inspired by.

Personally I can't get into the intense, it smells good but the apple pie vibe can start to bother me....If you are after compliments...Just spray more, it still lasts plenty long compared to all the others that are much more expensive.

Been going strong since the late 90's for a reason. Great mix of Vanilla & Spice, which is similar vibe to all the popular night time frags that cost much more. Kind of like how Polo Red is a great easy wear coffee fragrance. Basic maybe, but good. I like it better than Armani Code & Flankers, and I try to like Code as much as I used to.

There are entire genres of music built on the premise of teenagers lying about being rich. I can appreciate a clever lyric or a good beat or interesting production, but there's an age after which listening to teenagers lie isn't fun any more, even though the rest of the world loves it.

This style of fruity aquatic is the perfumery equivalent. 50% "fresh" chlorinated aromachemicals, 25% artificial fruit candy oderants, and 25% woods and spices. To be fair, the mix of cinnamon and candied apple and pine lends genuine interest to the ubiquitous aquatic "woody amber" chemicals (this is markedly better and more nuanced than the overly simple D&G Light Blue PH I wore this morning), but this is still just teeny-bopper pop music in fragrance form.

I've owned a few bottles off this. Mainly a really noticeable green apple note on first spray which lasts. Drys down into a woody, slightly spicy base to stop it being too sweet. This is a good wearable fragrance, but I've rated it neutral as I think it's been reformulated and made weaker, and I won't buy it again.

Peppery citrus and spicy apple pie.


Carded sample, dated 4 years BCv (Before Coronavirus)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the smell of this classic fragrance, but trust me...go for the intense version, this is pretty much a watered down version of it.

Apart from that, massive compliment getter, extremely pleasant fragrance.

I've been using it since I was 8 years old, as I wanted to copy my older brother, which I thank very much for this timeless gem!

A somewhat simple-smelling composition, with a fruity-spicy opening, apples with mild cinnamon, on a woodsy vanilla base. Nice, but lacking any depth, direction or development; close sillage and moderate persistence. I'm reminded of Spice and Wood as being in the same ballpark but much better, though horribly overpriced. I'm attributing this partial letdown to what I imagine would have been the budget of Boss, rather than Annick Menardo.


I rarely reach for this one but every time I do, I question myself why I don't wear it more often.

It's a perfect office scent for me.
A classic and classy vanilla beast.

Appeals to both sex's. Perfectly safe and inoffensive for the office.

I will test it out more often this Spring, I think it'll be a steady compliment getter too while out in casual wear..

YT: Aussie Fragrance

I wore this fragrance a lot in the late 90's.

I would classify it as a fruity aquatic with a woody drydown.

The apple & cinnamon notes stand out at the beginning creating a clean masculine impression; later on the vetiver & woody notes take over and finish off the experience.

Good longevity although it invites to a be re-sprayed after 3 hours.

Thumbs up!

Very mild and not harsh in the beginning. Good work scent, non-offensive. Not too long lasting.

9 Mar, 2019. Changing from neutral to thumbs up, this is such a versatile scent. If someone was looking at my collection and asked to wear something, I'd give them this. Works for any occasion, any season, and you really can't over spray. Not my favorite scent, but it's nice to have something like this in the wardrobe.

Very pleasant, sweet, synthetic, floral apple opening. Almost feminine. This lasts for a few hours and then the powdery drydown is similar to the drydown of Eros or LeMale Eau Fraiche.

This one is young and casual but feels too sweet for summer. Should be fine in all other climates.

Good projection and lasts all workday.

Terrible for me!!
I was given five samples !!!, in my local pharmacy and I wonder if it had gone off, because I can hardly smell it (apologies to Boss lovers).

Top 5er. This scent actually comes off as a sweet and delicious vanilla on my skin.

Ladies love it, smells like money.

All of the distinguishing notes in Boss Bottled are like carefully but infrequently applied water color translucent paints over an already translucent clear sky background. This is a not a distinctly fragranced blend but is an atmosphere of slight bits of pepper, clove, cinnamon and apple that are hard to make out until you read the notes list. These inconclusive bits are spread over a thin background of cedar with touches of sandalwood and vetiver. Bottled is an atmospheric scent. It is all context and very little content giving it a wide frame of reference that is hard to define. The initial impression is it is all iso e super with little touches of bitter flavorings added in here and there. I like this kind of scent and it is a nice collection addition to other transparent woods such as Ecsentric Molecules, Andree Putman L'Original, Kenzo Air, Armani Mania and Boss Bottled. This is a nice background scent. Rated 6.5 of 10.

Here's a choice: you could find a heavily-populated place, run up to passers-by and shout loudly in their ear, "I am wearing a mass-marketed designer fragrance!" Or, you could simply wear Boss Bottled.

It is in no way unpleasant, and the theme is good - hard fruits, vanilla, and something approaching woods - but executed with rather little art. It came close to a positive review, so I would in no way rule it out of court, but it shouts mainstream.

One of my all-time favorites in my collection, and to this day it doesn't disappoint! And the Intense version does a tasteful job with showcasing Boss Bottled's classy, youthful character. Apple-y like Burberry's original London scent, but injected with vanilla and woods (sandal and cedar) that give it a more complex, balanced quality. To this day, Boss Bottled doesn't last too long on my skin, but it's always a joy to refresh on me at anytime. ;^>

This is the first perfume that I ever tried at the age of 17 and I still prefer it at the age of 34 in 2016.

The sandalwood really turns heads here in South India.

The matching deodorant smells excellent too and this scent is my go to scent when I want to impress.

A solid offering from the Hugo Boss line of fragrances. I like the opening very much from the apple / cinnamon open through the middle of geranium and some clove... then it becomes a smooth sweet dry down of woods and vanilla which I know isn't listed but it does have a gourmand vibe that is slightly sweet and vanilla. Still available for a good price so do try a bottle. Enjoy!

It's a sweet smell, not too thick. Lasts a bit with about 4 sprays distributed evenly between collar, wrists and chest.
It may be a common scent but with each skin chemistry I am sure the reaction is a bit varied. I like it because it's comforting, slightly sexual in a well behaved and adventurous way and confident.

A surprise disappointment considering this is a best-seller. I found this ok but there is a level of obnoxious about it. After 10 minutes this turns extremely powdery from all the wood notes. This would have to be amongst the woodiest fragrances I have tried. Not sure it is worth discussing the other listed notes because really there is just an apple-cinnamon accord over this nauseating woody base. It gets more grating the longer it is on the skin and unfortunately it does stay around a LONG time

When you first spray it, apple. It is very sweet and stays sweet for the entire duration it is on you.

tried it through a sample decant ...the initial blast was quite promising of wonderful bright citrus so my hopes got awakened & I was feeling positive ...but after about 10 mins ...the down-fall started with only that all too familiar chemical notes coming into picture and half hr and beyond all I could get was that synthetic vibe which I hate and dread as every 2nd so called master-piece today smells like that ...I have been testing quite a few of them ...and to my nose they all dry down into the same chemically induced vibe ...I couldn't get the sandlewood / vetiver / cedarwood ...all I could smell after the first 10 mins was synthetic signature written all over ..and I wouldn't want to suffer it for sure ..chemical mess allure homme / Bentley for men intense / dunhill icon London ...nothing natural --it smells too synthetic
hence , for me a thumbs down and will not recommend it.

With that one you smell like millions men. It's well done for the Boss house. Very masculine, virile, casual and safe. I would describe it as a spicy ambré with tobacco notes with a strong sillage and longevity.

However Bottle Boss is too common and not my cup of tea.



Here's my amateur review from a sample over 2 days: on my skin soapy, powdery, lemony. Not unpleasant, fresh, reminded me of Zest lemon soap from years ago. A bit nondescript at first, but I do really get the cinnamony, tobacco bit later, when it improves it a lot for me. If I wore it I'd want to avoid people for an hour after spraying. It totally improves on the dry down.
BUT also persuaded a male friend to try it at the same time. Totally different! Fresh, apples, no powdery lemon soapy stuff. Lovely. Unfortunately can't comment on the dry down.
Verdict : not for me, so a thumbs down, but can smell totally differently (and much better) on other people.

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