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Hugo Boss (1998)

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Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

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The most recent signature fragrance from Hugo Boss. Not to be confused with 'Boss Number One', as before this Boss was introduced, Number One was simply called 'Boss'. Well I'm confused anyway.

This fragrance is often refered to as 'Boss Bottled', 'Grey Boss' and 'Boss Number Six'

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Reviews of Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

There are 115 reviews of Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss.

A fruity (mainly apple and plum) vanilla that's tamed by some cinnamon. Sort of like apple pie, but a simple representation of it. The performance could be better but it also doesn't dissipate too quickly after spraying. You can afford to respray this during the day, so make sure to buy this at discounters. I would say that this is fine for all year round usage. It's not going to project in the winter, but if you're working in the office, it's not going to matter. The scent profile isn't geared for summer weather, but it's alright for Canadian summers. This is ideal for the spring and fall.

You can make this your signature scent and you won't offend anyone. If you want something better performing, opt for one of the flankers. Just make sure you buy this at the discounters; this isn't worth the full retail price.

For me....I like to buy bottles and collect...But when I want to wear something that I know will work in any situation, be confident that I smell good, not to sweet, not creating a large scent trail and give off that "Trying to hard vibe" cologne guy.....Boss Bottled is still my favorite after all these years. I guess it has been reformulated, but It works on my skin.

Pound for pound, still my favorite versatile cologne, casual, work, everything except summer days...Boss Bottled is the OG which many fragrances today are inspired by.

Personally I can't get into the intense, it smells good but the apple pie vibe can start to bother me....If you are after compliments...Just spray more, it still lasts plenty long compared to all the others that are much more expensive.

Been going strong since the late 90's for a reason. Great mix of Vanilla & Spice, which is similar vibe to all the popular night time frags that cost much more. Kind of like how Polo Red is a great easy wear coffee fragrance. Basic maybe, but good. I like it better than Armani Code & Flankers, and I try to like Code as much as I used to.

There are entire genres of music built on the premise of teenagers lying about being rich. I can appreciate a clever lyric or a good beat or interesting production, but there's an age after which listening to teenagers lie isn't fun any more, even though the rest of the world loves it.

This style of fruity aquatic is the perfumery equivalent. 50% "fresh" chlorinated aromachemicals, 25% artificial fruit candy oderants, and 25% woods and spices. To be fair, the mix of cinnamon and candied apple and pine lends genuine interest to the ubiquitous aquatic "woody amber" chemicals (this is markedly better and more nuanced than the overly simple D&G Light Blue PH I wore this morning), but this is still just teeny-bopper pop music in fragrance form.

I've owned a few bottles off this. Mainly a really noticeable green apple note on first spray which lasts. Drys down into a woody, slightly spicy base to stop it being too sweet. This is a good wearable fragrance, but I've rated it neutral as I think it's been reformulated and made weaker, and I won't buy it again.

Peppery citrus and spicy apple pie.


Carded sample, dated 4 years BCv (Before Coronavirus)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the smell of this classic fragrance, but trust me...go for the intense version, this is pretty much a watered down version of it.

Apart from that, massive compliment getter, extremely pleasant fragrance.

I've been using it since I was 8 years old, as I wanted to copy my older brother, which I thank very much for this timeless gem!

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