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Oriscent (2003)

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Borneo 3000 by Oriscent

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Reviews of Borneo 3000 by Oriscent

A sweet incense and floral oud attar. The opening sparkles with a ginger spice scnet that is mixed into the fine sandalwood and oud mixture. It smells like a contemporary incense fragrance that might have come from CdG or Amouge but crafted with ingredients for a spice cookie dough recipe. Very yummy, but also deeply complex. The incense spice cookie opening merges with fine sandalwood, frankincense and oud in the base for an almost iridescent light leather scent that is unlike any other scent I've tried. There is a hypnotic quality to Borneo 3000 and I can almost not stop sniffing this aloeswood (oud) lively mix. It is an incense scent, a gourmand, also a leather, and sandalwood, and oud, and it all works really well together. Not a drop of heaviness nor animalic indoles sneak into this pure spirited oud oil. Borneo 3000 has an alive and pure quality that is well worth a sample wearing if you can ever find a drop of this now out of production and precious elixir. It is my favorite of the of the very good Oriscent ouds.

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