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I Profumi di Firenze (2015)

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Reviews of Bora Bora by I Profumi di Firenze

Bora Bora is the very first vial from the bunch of I Profumi di Firenze's samples which I pick up for a short comment and what I actually "record" is supposedly a gracious deeply intense but finally musky-smooth floral/fruity accord (a la Giulietta Capuleti Soul Drops or Dior J'Adore to name a couple) surrounded by faint calonic/ozonic molecules, green facets, synthetic musk, cedarwood and soothing balsams. This juice is to be honest anything but groundbreaking (being basically quite conventional and somewhat linear in its floral spicy obsessiveness) but is anyway sensual and temperamental. The floral presence is quite obsessive, spicy and penetrating (I get rose but mostly "at least supposedly" narcissus and lily of the valley with their quite intensive beat) but is basically a sultry musk/cedarwood/amber final "olfactive basement" the element providing warmth and spicy sultriness. This musky/amberish hot spiciness is kind of sweated and almost acid, providing a sense of erotic floral dissonance (visceral, dissonant, kind of suffocating and finally vanillic). I get for a while (in the central stage of the run) a sort of fruity almost fermenting liquorous (yes almondy) vibe quite vague and fleeting (soon fading). Fruitiness is vaguely plummy but mostly (red) berrish and tart/citric (grapefruit as well?). The juice is super lasting on my skin and still pungent (floral/spicy) after 5-6 hours or more. Bora Bora impresses a mark on your feminine temperament, something warm and haunting. Averaged is my humble rating.
Dec 10, 2015

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