Boomtown Bay Rum fragrance notes

    • Gun smoke, Leather, West Indian bay rum, West Indian herbs, Spices, Citrus, Elemi, Labdanum

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Latest Reviews of Boomtown Bay Rum

I really like this. The gun smoke accord is awesome! At first sample, I thought it smelled like how a heater smells when it's burning, or the smell when you sometimes first turn on a heater, it almost smells like a faint oud smell, but it's probably something you shouldn't be sniffing.. anyways, that's what this smells like! But combined with the traditional bay rum notes, it's actually super pleasant. It almost smells like bay rum with oud. It's quite nice, unique, but not very long lasting.

Also when I smell it up close, sometimes, the "gun smoke" accord can get overwhelming. So just be careful where you apply and how much.
18th December 2019