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Rogue Perfumery (2020)

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Bon Monsieur by Rogue Perfumery

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Bon Monsieur is a men's fragrance launched in 2020 by Rogue Perfumery

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Reviews of Bon Monsieur by Rogue Perfumery

There are 6 reviews of Bon Monsieur by Rogue Perfumery.

A classic barbershop fougere perfume for a confident person who wants to make a statement. whenever i listen to Kavinsky - Night Call this frag comes to my's the epitome of powerful,piney, soapy 80s fougeres.the manly smell is the kind i go for and is harder to find nowadays when sweeter gourmands for men have dominated the market and or aquatic florals. a purely masculine with a very alluring contrast between seductive and serious,fresh and heavy or formal and casual.i love these type of brings back a ton of memories and makes me's often called old man, out of style.then can someone tell me why i still get so many compliments from ladies of all ages.smells like when you've just taken a shower.the smell is definitely unisex here.a must have for the vintage lover but it's also one of those fragrances that are accepted and beloved at any time by the mainstream as well.

The first part of this excursion is tangy is an alfar of gloving citrus, partially obscured by a cloudy mist of spices and relaxing florals.there are fresh greens here,spicy greens - the collection of rosemary,fir that supply this spice accord which so beautifully gives the citruses a context in which to shine.these tree-way combination of tingling greens, tart citruses,and rich lavender, forms a very clear impression of foamy,rich shaving soap,brushed gently with hints of oakmoss and the dry down the soapy aspect becomes the main player - it kind of reminds me of Egoiste Platinum in that really be a man though you need to treat woman with respect, kindness and love, in fact that goes for is a tuxedo or suit fragrance to wear to formal occasions.perfect for any season,cold winter day or summer night. if you like frags like Polo, Tsar,Armani EPH,those big man colognes from the 80s this is it but more expensive!

Bon Monsieur is almost as captivating as Tabac Vert, but it doesn't last as long on me. Don't get me wrong, I bought it. I love it. It is similar to Duc de Vervins, (which I also own) but is not as over powering; and much easier to wear. Yes, it does harken back to the powerhouse scents of the '80s, but it is better, it is easier to modulate the volume, if you will. As with all the Rogue fragrances I have tried, the dry down is where the magic is for me. The first 30 minutes are fine, wonderful, terrific, however, once the evolution begins, then the magic happens. What seems to be a somewhat formal and "work" scent melds into something more personal, more intimate and different. Is it sexy? Not sure, I don't think so, not overtly...but it may attract someone you want to attract, by its suavity and sophistication, those qualities are sexy too. But it is not as sexy as Tabac Vert. You might choose to wear Bon Monsieur for day; and Tabac Vert for evenings. That's something of a guess, if you use your fragrances that way. But I am ok with either at any time. Anyway, another big win for Manuel Cross. The classic becomes the new and innovative. So it is in my book a modern classic. A wonderful fragrance.

It's true. This is and old school, buttoned up, traditional barbershop Fougere. BUT I love it so much. I think it's the combination of Geranium and CARNATION, buttressing the Lavender and Bergamot that takes this into "perfect" territory for me. Carnation is an under-appreciated note and I just can't resist when its done right. Rogue seems to agree on this point and it's that appreciation for judicious Carnation that made me fall in love with the brand's Tabac Vert as well.

A polite, welcoming, smooth Fougere.

The notes are a Fougere and it cannot be confused with another scent category. Given the classic notes, the composition has its own great scent. I liken it to brownie recipes. Brownie ingredients are the same, but we've all had incredible brownies and bad brownies. The difference is in the very slight variation in the ingredient amounts and the skill/experience of the baker. Bon Monsieur is very well done as a Fougere. Highly enjoyable. Pleasing. Manuel Cross did a great job with the scent. This Fougere is tart with a very light wisp of sweetness while keeping bitterness to a minimum.

It's often the case that a 'loud' Fougere can be off-putting to strangers. Some notes in Fougeres can be piercing and overwhelm one's senses. Bon Monsieur does not come off this way in public. The sillage is not beastly from what I have experienced, but certainly not muted. My 'guess' is that the quality of the ingredients are top of the line 'modern' components. I don't get any tannins or unwanted bitter sparks like I smell in most old vintage Fougeres....and for most people today that is a good thing because this smells 'modern' yet retains the classic Fougere notes that are unmistakable.

The refinement lends this fragrance a classy, civilized presentation, not brutish or garish. There is deliberate control and skill on display with this scent. This is definitely a more mass-pleasing fragrance that retains a natural and even niche category.

The longevity is very good. Lasts all day.

This is among the best Fougeres I've smelled and it has a modern smoothness. 5 out of 5 stars. You get what you pay for on this one.

I would describe Bon Monsieur as a green aromatic floral scent. It opens up with some refreshing lemony bergamot with the presence of a number florals in particular geranium and lavender. Green, airy, clean, and invigorating right from the start. The opening notes dials down a bit revealing even more greenness in the heart. The geranium and lavender are greeted by some pines (fir balsam) and hints of lily of the valley. The musk becomes noticeable in the later stages of development and eventually the oak moss paired with wood notes (cedar and sandalwood) joins of what is remaining of the florals at the drydown. The scent has a very retro feel, specifically the late 1980s when Gucci Nobile and Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar were first released - I think of these two scents when I smell Bon Monsieur. Performance was decent overall with moderate silage early on before staying closer to the skin. Well done Manny!

Bon Monsieur opens with a nose tingling combination of sharp bergamot citrus and aromatic lavender with green coniferous fir balsam in support before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the aromatic lavender remains in full force, eschewing its prior bergamot companion, with the coniferous green fir balsam growing in strength to become co-star, bolstered by significant tree moss from the base, and soft carnation and slightly minty geranium floral support. During the late dry-down the composition softens, as it becomes slightly less green with the fir balsam receding, unveiling soft, non-animalic musk, and a dry cedar and sandalwood tandem that joins with remnants of the moss in support through the finish. Projection is excellent to outstanding, and longevity excellent at well over 12 hours on skin.

I had high hopes for Bon Monsieur when it was announced. Rogue has produced so many winners that a "masculine" targeted perfume would likely be another, encouraging me to skip the sampling stage and move directly to buying a bottle blind. Now having received my bottle and wearing it multiple times I can definitely say Rogue has another stellar offering on its hands. Unfortunately, this one is an old school aromatic lavender and tree moss laden fougere that has more than a passing resemblance to the late 80s Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels that I already own, sans most of Tsar's sweetness and with greater performance. Tsar is no slouch, so comparisons (and dare I say improvements) over it are laudable, but Tsar, like most aromatic fougeres, always came close to winning me over but never *quite* got me to love, and Bon Monsieur similarly comes up just short. If one already owns vintage Tsar I personally don't think investing in Bon Monsieur needed, but if you love Tsar and don't own it, this one improves on the already successful classic aromatic fougere formula and should be a mandatory sample, if not a blind buy. The bottom line is the $156 per 75ml bottle Bon Monsieur may not have quite stolen *my* heart, but its quality is quite apparent and it may just steal yours, earning a "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5 rating and a strong recommendation to lovers, but not owners of Tsar and similar aromatic lavender fougeres.

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