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Montale (2007)

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Reviews of Boisé Vanillé by Montale

This is amazingly good. The vanilla will be familiar to most people I think, comforting in a way. I know it shouldn't matter but I think this may be a little too feminine for me to wear. I will sample again, may be a good weekend scent.
Jul 4, 2019

A sweet (but not too sweet) spicy-woody-ambery base worthy of a drugstore ‘masculine’ from the 1980s gets seriously derailed. Clouds and clouds of custardy vanillic powder envelop it, complete overkill – which means folks who dislike that kind of thing will dismiss Boise Vanille, but this is so me. Also of note is a serious patchouli, starting off darkly boozy, almost medicinal, but then taking on a nutty, almost marzipan aspect with time. That trad base is the least interesting thing about Boise Vanille; it’s the powder-patchouli excess that grabs my attention.
But sadly the evolution is towards a rather more pedestrian ambery powder bomb with little by way of delineation.
Feb 27, 2016

I couldn't stand this one at all. The vanilla was difficult to detect in this one, I wouldn't consider this the typical vanilla-based fragrance. Hard to describe it, but I considered it spicy, floral, and woodsy like. The opening was a bit potent and for my nose it was rather irritable. There are sharp notes of lavender, geranium, cedar, patchouli, iris, and pepper. These notes are met with vanilla and tonka bean which sweetens the scent to a degree. Longevity was good I got about 10 hours with this one. Silage is above average for the first 3-4 hours. After that the scent stays closer to the skin. I found the scent to be more masculine than feminine. The scent becomes more tamed as time went on. I personally can't find the occasions to wear this scent as I found it hard to wear. All in all, Boise Vanille wasn't a right fit for me.
Mar 1, 2015

Starts off really strong. Has a classical feel to me at first. Not what you would expect from a typical vanilla scent. Took a couple wearings to get used to the top notes.
Fortunately the mid and bottom notes feature the vanilla more and it becomes a soft luxurious scent. Don't give up on this one too early. Thumbs up for creativity as well.
May 3, 2013

This fragrance is assembled with typical Montale subtlety; i.e. nil to speak of. There is an Earth-shattering blast of bergamot right off the top, and the super-powdery iris, of which there is a very large dose, is plainly evident from the top also.

The juice stays quite linear for hours. And hours. And hours. And hours, until you realise that that bucket of iris and bergamot has softened and the predominant note is now patchouli, albeit with enough carroty iris to be plainly obvious and yes, still a trace of bergamot too. The name suggests that there is vanilla at the bottom; I am not able to discern it with certainty. What there is, though, is quite a dark, delicious and manly scent with moderate sillage and the staying-power of Plutonium.

This juice is dark in colour as well as effect, and will stain badly. I spray it in my hair, which I find extends the iris heart even longer. Boise Vanille is interesting, tenacious, attention-grabbing and totally worth a try, particularly for the gents (most of the comments I get about this one are from men, telling me they like my "aftershave").

March 2019 - That was then, and this is now. Having exhausted my 2011 bottle of Boise Vanille, I ordered a new one... and what a disappointment it is. It's still obviously the same fragrance, but the dosage has been turned right down, and it's more floral than it was before. Oh, well. I'll always have my memories of how fantastic this fragrance was before.
Nov 24, 2012

Opens up as an adult masculine baby powder. After 30 mins I get citrus and vanilla with a smoldering wood note playing the background. This stuff is strong so two sprays will last all day. If u overdo this it smells like b.o. In moderation it's awesome two thumbs up
Jul 10, 2012

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