Bois Precieux fragrance notes

    • amber, oakmoss, vanilla, sandalwood

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I agree with what's been said so far but will add that many will perceive this as "powdery,' though that's not meant to be a criticism. It's also clearly vanillic. If you like those qualities then that's great, of course. It's certainly at least reasonably natural smelling and lasts well. Projection ("sillage") is easy to control by how much you spray. My thought is that this might be something special if a bit of something else was added, and I'm thinking about civet in particular (synthetic - I'm not advocating animal abuse!). So, this is a lot more like Kenzo's Amour EdP than I would like it to be, for example, but I wouldn't say it has any "flaws;" it's just that relative to what I already owed when I bought it, I wish it had been a bit more unique.
17th January 2014
Lovely soft, slightly sweet and creamy sandalwood, a bit of cedar perhaps. My only issue with it is that it is rather short lived on my skin.
23rd March 2012

Bois Precieux is a delightful woody, slightly sweet and amberic scent that highlights a sensual sandalwood note. This is an amazing scent considering the price. All of the Molinard fragrances from both the Les Senteurs and Les Fleurs de Provence lines make excellent layering scents, as well as the most exceptional room sprays available.
4th February 2010