Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection - Bois Naufragé 
Parfumerie Generale (2010)

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Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection - Bois Naufragé by Parfumerie Generale

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Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection - Bois Naufragé is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Parfumerie Generale

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Reviews of Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection - Bois Naufragé by Parfumerie Generale

There are 9 reviews of Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection - Bois Naufragé by Parfumerie Generale.

Creamy woody seaside. Not for me to wear, but I'd love to smell it on someone else.
I think this would be fantastic on someone who wants something a little different than the usual vertiver/fougere masculine scents, but doesnt want to go too crazy. It's a very "come closer" scent.

I find this uplifting. Starts off with a strong fruity, creamy green fig, nowhere near as potent as the one in Le Labo Thé Noir 29 (2015). I get a bit of pear similar to Ciel d'Airain (2010) also from Pierre Guillaume (albeit his Black Collection); the two fragrances could be distant cousins in terms of DNA.

There's a dominant sea salt note that runs through it. As a comparison Squid (2019) by Zoologist has one, but it is overpowered by the pepper. Squid does the salty seawater theme better, but it's nearly twice the price given the 60ml bottle size.

Drydown is dry green vetiver and a synthetic ambergris base which is musty and compliments the salty theme. This isn't a sweet fragrance in anyway, it's also not an Aqua or an Ozonic fragrance despite the sea salt notes.

This is a totally unisex fragrance, possibly verging towards the masculine side due to the vetiver. Price in the UK is around £138 for 100ml which is OK for a niche fragrance. Sillage was moderate. Lasts around 7 hours on my skin which is good.

Scores a respectable 7 out of 10 for creativity and using quality ingredients.

1ml sample

After the initial head scratch of why PG would launch another fig after the completely lacklustre Jardins de Kérylos, the answer became obvious upon application – to do better this time around. Bois Naufragé's opening is up there with fig milestones such as Philosykos – milky, green and sappy. So far, so refreshing – in a derivative stylee. But then a marine wash rolls through its middle section, differentiating it a little from other green fig perfumes, but also bound to prompt complaints of a synthetic quality. Fortunately it doesn't stay around for long. There's also a vague woody spiciness in the background. I rather enjoy it – it's light and summery and I end up using gallons in a single application due to PG's usual weak formulation. But I also find it difficult to muster excitement over something that is treading pretty familiar territory.

Fig, woody spices and watery notes. It just didn't work for me. Too manly for me. Too feminine for men.

This is the second PG I tried and I cannot help but feel that the perfumer is unable to hide the chemical quality of his creations. The fig here is laced with an obvious face makeup (blush powder) note, making this too unnatural smelling for a fig and too feminine to my nose.

Genre: Woods

After a very brief burst of galbanum and fresh green notes, Bois Naufragé settles on an attractive milky-sweet fig accord. But wait – doesn't Parfumerie Générale already have a perfectly good (perhaps even perfect?) fig scent in Jardins de Kérylos? Why mine the same vein again?

Maybe, I figured, Bois Naufragé would turn into something very different from Jardin de Kérylos once it began to develop. What it turns into, after roughly fifteen minutes, is absolutely nothing. Poof! Once the fig is gone, all I can smell is a pale floral note so feeble I can't identify it, plus some equally weak and indistinct woods – and these only if I press the skin I doused in Bois Naufragé up to my nose and inhale with uncouth vigor. Jardins de Kérylos is no marathon athlete itself, but it far outlasts this new offering.

Am I anosmic to some key ingredient? Beats me, but I can't imagine paying niche fragrance prices for something that delivers less intensity or lasting power than a scented shower gel. An unnecessary release, if you ask me.

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