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Tom Ford (2009)

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Reviews of Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

There are 17 reviews of Bois Marocain by Tom Ford.

The opening of Bois Marocain by Tom Ford is magical. A sharp, bright coniferous bough snapped under your nose that bursts it's resinous sap forth bringing joy to the soul! But the interesting thing is it smells of several coniferous resins to me, mostly of Hinkoi Cypress. I've not smelled Thuya resin, but it must smell a lot like Hinoki, because that's the main of the conifer I'm picking up, but as mentioned, it is quite beautiful to the nose of this beholder. There is cedar as well and I do pick up the pepper and the patchouli too. This is a fabulous fragrance and one I'll want more of than the 10 mil decant I picked up. The one draw back is the lack of longevity, but the fragrance notes are such a draw for me that I will find a FB and purchase it as soon as I may. Two thumbs way up. This fragrance is for lovers of the sharp, bright magic of the conifer!
Nov 3, 2018

A nice woody-aromatic-green scent from Tom Ford.

"marocain - a dress fabric of ribbed crepe, made of silk or wool or both; from French, literally ‘Moroccan,’ from Maroc ‘Morocco.’"

Interesting...I fell in love with Tauer's "L'Air du Desert Marocain", and Tom Ford's Bois Marocain caught my eye and beckoned me to examine it. Because of my affinity for Tauer's masterpiece, I wanted to clear my mind and approach Tom Ford's fragrance with as much of a "cleansed palate" as possible.

On its own merits, Bois Marocain is a really uplifting incense-rich experience, generous on peppery spiciness and a patchouli-woods base that fosters calm spirits in me. Love the balsamic edge to this one, set against starchy woods and and spicy-smoky goodness.

Very classy and full of character, Bois Marocain is comfort in a bottle! Big thumbs up here. :-)
Sep 23, 2018

Dry, green, very resinous and coniferous. A pleasure to wear. Hints of pepper and incense and the camphor-mint quality of conifers which brightens any mood. Woods in the dry-down. Somewhat low-key and close to the skin for a Tom Ford.
Dec 28, 2016

Tom Ford Bois Marocain is re-released in 2016 as part of a private reserve after being discontinued and hard to come by, so I'm happy to try this rendition even if it deviates from the original that I never sampled.

It's a predictably dominated by woods, despite a mix of earthy elements as well--some cite pine as the dominant note but to my nose the woods themselves are a mix of the pine, cedar, and cypress, the smoothness of the cedar evening out some of the sharpess of the cypress and acidity of the pine. It's a nice mix, that when combined with the supporting notes of patchouli and vetiver becomes earthy and with incense becomes a solid winter experience, a slightly green yet significantly darker sibling to the other recent release of Vert Des Bois, my slight favorite of the Vert trio that I tried.

Performance seems to have been a criticism from its first incarnation, rare for the original private blends generally exalted for their power, and I can't help but come to the same conclusion. Bois Marocain is unimpressive on both projection and longevity. It never jumped off the skin very much upon application and a couple hours in, it's faded a lot.

The pricing of $330 for 50ml is even higher than the increased Neroli Portofino Forte pricing of $290 for 50ml, so you really need to love this in order to contemplate buying this.

Overall, I feel roughly the same about Bois Marocain as I do about Oud Wood, a very nice wood-centric mostly-masculine fragrance but not one I love nor particularly intend to buy. Italian Cypress remains the best woody fragrance of the house.

7 out of 10
Oct 31, 2016

Can you get any drier? Super dry, super linear. Great scent if you want that one note wonder but for the price, there are similar scents out there that perform the same. Some very inexpensive...

But that's the genius of Tom Ford: simple fragrances that are of HIGH quality and you can't help but love.

More power to the rich.
Jun 30, 2015

A discontinued jewel of dry incense & cedar...

This is a wonderful incense fragrance. Pine-like (an authentic Moroccan Cedarwood note). Followed by dark green Cypress and incredibly authentic smoky incense. Without a doubt one of the best incense fragrances I've tried. I find it very dark and deep and resinous. A hint of pink pepper with the dry cedar and vetiver, combined with the incense makes it a wonderful creation. I am impressed with this one. Very dark, can be worn by men or women although I find the incense & cedar combination very dry and masculine to my nose. It's a real shame they discontinued this, and even Tom Ford mentioned it was one of his favourites from the Private Blend line (this was discontinued due to poor sales). I would welcome a re-release of this. It smells very different to other mainstream releases, has one of the best incense notes, and will be truly missed. A fantastic cedarwood & incense gem.
Oct 3, 2014

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