Bois Impérial fragrance notes

    • Thai basil, Nepalese Timut Pepper absolute, haitian vetiver oil, georgywood, petalia, akigalawood, indonesian patchouli, ambrofix,

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A pleasant, strong mix of vetiver and Thai basil (the essential oil of which usually smells to me like mint) with an effervescent sparkle that recalls 7up. There's also a background sludge of chemicals, including something ozonic that reminds me of a hot computer, or maybe of plastic dishes on the verge of melting in a hot dishwasher. There's also a very modern musk element that reminds me of the rice milk musk of JHAG's Not A Perfume.

Hours in, the basil and the sparkle fade, while that coconutty Australian sandalwood made famous by Santal 33 comes in, paired up with the plasticky chemicals and fading vetiver.

I know this sounds unpleasant, but it works. The mix of ”real” and ”artificial” smells is handled well. That being said, it’s quite strong and, by day two, the chemical onslaught starts weighing thin. But I’m still voting thumbs up for a clever new take on vetiver.
8th June 2023
It smells synthetic. It's the first perfume in the last four dozen samples I've tried that's given me a headache. My favorite thing about it was the basil, but that didn't redeem it
7th June 2023

With such hype surrounding this one it was only a matter of time before I'd end up with a sample, and I must say, I don't dislike it. It does have the same high dose of Akigalawood as in Ganymede, however, that grates me. This molecular distilled isolate of patchouli feels vertiginous to me when generously added to compositions, and Quentin Bisch seems to have quite the penchant for it.

There is a delightful, legible basil note that is a nice diversion from modern releases of this ilk; it's refreshing to have something so vital in an otherwise modernist and distant fragrance. Sure enough, this basil does quickly yield to the metallic wall of futurist woods and a vague, yet persistent freshness (hi, Ambroxan). It's definitely not speaking to me, but its popularity makes sense.
18th April 2023
Crisp, clean, woody and interesting. Smells like fresh air on a cool spring day in my opinion.
Haven't smelled ganymede so cant compare them.
Longevity also very very good.

22nd February 2023
Really like this one! Hard to put my finger on it.

Difficult to describe. Not that this fragrance is complex. It's just slightly unusual.

Bois Imperial at its heart is a woody number. But not your typical woody. It is a fruity, sparkling, soapy woody. It's fresh and clean but has some subtle nuances which stop it becoming generic & boring.

This stuff lasts for ages. Just keeps going. It's a real workhorse. I can see why so many people say they have received lots of compliments. Think it will please people around you.

In many ways it reminds me of BR540. Not the scent profile as they smell nothing alike. It's just that they both have that ethereal vibe. You think it's not particularly strong so give yourself a few extra squirts and before you know it you are choking others out. It booms off the skin. Really hangs in the air. Great price too!!

20th November 2022
Grapefruit, and lemon pledge over fresh cut woods. Very dry. Starts off like a mix of Bvlgari Tygar and Cedrat Boise. It's very simple and linear though, I don't find that it has a complex drydown or evolution. Just less of the citrus topnotes as it dries.

The most impressive thing about Bois Impérial is the performance. Just a couple of sprays will last all day and project.

It is a pleasant scent but I think the projection and longevity are why this seems to garner compliments. I have not received one yet after a few wearings, truth be told, but I can see this working in that capacity.
14th October 2022
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