Bois du Portugal 
Creed (1987)

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Bois du Portugal by Creed

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Bois du Portugal is a men's fragrance launched in 1987 by Creed

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Reviews of Bois du Portugal by Creed

There are 213 reviews of Bois du Portugal by Creed.

I thought I would test this after the years of hype, I had a assumptions about what it would smell like and immediately upon smelling it:

This wears grey cotton/polyester Farrah wide-legged flat fronted slack, with light tan slip on patent leather loafers, gold bracelets, big gold plated Sekonda, St Christopher chain against a salmon pink shirt and light blue Pringle jumper and cygnet rings, drives a '96 blue Jaguar XJS, with dubious mileage, brakes and MOT. Lives in Marbella (for tax reasons). Stands at the bar holding court with the same group of friends and golf buddies.

...all this and I would still wear this over Aventus. Possibly my second favourite from the brand, possibly.

The absolute scent of a man. Its masculine without being offensive, its sexy but not too much. I love this scent every day I wear it!

In the immortal words of a beloved BNer, BdP "smells like someone is getting a pony."

Luxurious and old-school is a good way to start to describe this perfume, with its more animalic (ambergris) take on the spicy woods also used in Heritage, New-York, CpM, etc.

A top shelf jus and a no-brainer perpetual top dozen in my collection ranking. Try if you can.

The expression of a fatherly figure.i would imagine a fatherly embrace,a kind,cozy,safe,wool flannel dressed fatherly love hug.Bois du Portugal is extremely elegant,perhaps too elegant for today's standards,too aristocratic or upper-class than any situation today may require,and that is probably what i like best in this perfume:out of age,manly and classy at the same time.this transcends what you look like,your age, your financial positioning the usual factors of attraction,the colour of your skin makes me think of a lawyer, accountant,or manager type of scent. classy,sophisticated,respectful.

It starts as invigorating blast of various citrus notes that transforms to a warm and comforting woods and ambergris scent.then it evolves as an aromatic woody with the lavender notes becoming discreet while cedar,and ambergris take center stage.a bit powdery,the lavender is just right,not too much,flowery notes and toned down, very masculine,but:the downside:it is not the sexual kind of actually reminds me a lot of Chanel Pour Monsieur Edp/Edt concentree,with a just a touch of Cerruti 1881 thrown in.this would make a perfect wedding fragrance for a dad walking his daughter down the aisle.or a dad standing up as the best man for his son's wedding.

What is it about Bois de Portugal that makes it come across as a more gregarious relative of Nicolai’s stunning New York? It can’t be the orange glow or the shimmering powders of New York that are missing here, and certainly the citrus and lavender opening is way thinner and sharper, but the family resemblance is there nonetheless – and so if you like hanging out with one, you’ll probably enjoy the other’s company as well, although your purse will know the difference. And they do part ways increasingly the further one goes into the wear. Bois du Portugal is in a long tradition of energetic, fresh, citrus woodies – the gent with slicked back hair, crisp white shirt and well-rinsed bum. He’s probably got good teeth too, witness the clove-like aspect in the middle phase. But the important thing is that he’s pleasant and keen, and not at all overbearing, thus will go a long way. Slow coaches like me sometimes hope some of that dynamism will rub off on us.

This is almost a great fragrance. If I would have rated it after my first wearings it would have been a thumbs down but now I think I've got to know it.

It does have a nice lavender, a creamy sandalwood and some nice citruses to balance it up. Then comes the clove, and that kills it for me. I can see how people are liking this one, and it would be interesting to try it without cloves, but I have come to the conclusion that this is not for me. Unfortunately.

I wore five ml's and then sold it. If I want this but more colorful and "younger" I look at Xerjoff - Renaissance. If one are looking for an even more mature take on this, and for me a harder wear, then New York Intense might be it.

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