Reviews of Bois des Îles Eau de Parfum 
Chanel (2016)

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Bois des Îles Eau de Parfum by Chanel

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Reviews of Bois des Îles Eau de Parfum by Chanel

There are 4 reviews of Bois des Îles Eau de Parfum by Chanel.

Like being seduced in a dream where there are only whispers...I'll worship you every night.and I'll kiss your lips every morning.and I'll be a pilgrim in your body's temple.and I'll trace the countours of your amber skin with my fingertips.and I'll wash your face with my tears.and I'll treasure every moment of your sandalwood breath. and I'll cherish your image wearing nothing but a golden cincture and a golden anadem to give substance to your diaphanous form.

BDI opens with an elegant sandalwood and ylang ylang.the sandal here is not the super-woodsy,but is more a tamed creatures with almost ambery tones.on the dry down,powdery vanilla merges with the sandal. the end result is a soft, sweet,slightly powdery vanilla and ylang with the sandalwood rounding things out in the background.i feel as if there is some sadness and melancholie attached to BDI which is not a bad thing at smells like a resinous woody fragrance along with some is gentle but not boring, intimate but not raunchy like some sandalwood scents.

The refined, super beautiful version of Egoiste. You can try to be standoffish, but your defenses will be worn down quickly. Surrender, and proceed to being dazzled. There aren't many others in this rarified league. Just go with it. Perfectly unisex, though at this level of price and presentation, asking is a sin. Wear and enjoy.

The opening of Bois des Iles edp is surprisingly different than the discontinued edt. After about 10 minutes, it becomes more like the edt.

I'm detecting a pattern with the edp's. There are extra flourishes in the openings that can be disconcerting; they start to more closely match the discontinued edt's within 20 minutes; and they fade away to nothingness more quickly, whereas the edt's had nice, longer lasting bases with a common fixative that I liked, and that held onto some of the heart notes.

It was an odd decision to discontinue the edt's. The mainstream line has edt and edp concentrations coexisting. Why botch a good thing with the exclusive line? This edp is nice, but it's different, and I would imagine fans of the fragrance wanting to have both.

One of the extra flourishes in the opening of the edp is something like a tea note. Also, the wood smells more natural. I think I like the edp more, although I also really liked the edt, and the edt had a more distinctive, recognizable smell. The edp has become more like Cuir de Russie.

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