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Bois de Vétiver 
Jacques Bogart (1982)


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Reviews of Bois de Vétiver by Jacques Bogart

Old school dark brown vetiver; with gritty moss, a slightly raffish myrrh, and a touch of fougère. Not bad.


Miniature bottle in box
Jan 27, 2020

A very, very pleasant vetiver. Although pretty linear, and pretty subtle, it has a distinct presence which sets it apart from the other members of the clan.
I get a bit of Vetiver Givenchy or Chanel Sycomore but with a different spin.
Not so sure about the longevity as I am loathe to use to much why applying, although I have a 60ml bottle now so...
Would recommend to a vetiver fan.
Dec 10, 2015

This one is a bit of a beauty: from the beginning, a fresh lemon-bergamot note provides an uplifting start, that after about fifteen minutes is joined by a gently spicy clove-and-myrrh musky impression that merges with a woody base that gives the scent its depth. Hints of a leathery amber occur at times. It seems that the fresh component seems to compete with the deeper constituents, both gaining the upper hand at various times without disturbing the well-blended harmony of this composition. Overall not sensational, but a delightful play of aromas. Decent projection, adequate silage and a good longevity on my skin of about three hours. Very good.
Jan 5, 2013

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