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Delrae (2002)


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Bois de Paradis by Delrae

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Reviews of Bois de Paradis by Delrae

There are 17 reviews of Bois de Paradis by Delrae.

A beautiful woody rose with fruit, lovely and wearable. It has me thinking of a cleaned-up version of Aramis Calligraphy Rose.

There are lots of beautiful moments during the mid and into the early base before the rose and fruit fade away. The sweet, woody base that's left is less interesting, but not too bad, and it lasts a long time as a skin scent.

Have you ever built a fragrance up in your head for ages before even smelling it? I do that a lot. The town where I live sells nothing fancier that Beyonce Heat, so I am completely dependent on the Internet.

So, I read. 95% of the pleasure I get from perfume is reading other people writing about it. Words set off a moving train of vivid images in my head, and if a person is a talented writer, they can bring a perfume to life for me in a way that just smelling the damn thing simply will not do.

These images and dreams of a perfume can slosh around my head for years until I actually smell it. Can you imagine the utter joy when the images I've filed away in my mental library actually lines up with how the perfume smells? Unfortunately, Parfums DelRae Bois de Paradis doesn't quite live up to the movie reel in my head.

There is just something a little too insistent, too overwrought about Bois de Paradis. It bowls me over….then sticks in my craw. Each time I put it on, I think of the immortal lines of Hotel California - this could be heaven, or this could be hell.

The problem: In the middle of a pool of rich, luscious florals, fruits, and woods, a strident tone eventually juts out and catches my skin on its jagged edges. It's like running your hand down a gleaming wooden banister and finding one tiny splinter. It gets in the way of what I signed up for.

What I signed up for: A luscious rose-berry syrup, heavily spiced but suspended in a golden elixir, so delicious I want to drink it. Fresh blackberries and dried currants swimming in some kind of quaint alcohol, like mead or mulled wine and draped in the same golden, autumnal haze that I associate with other rich, honeyed harvest scents such as Botrytis and 1270 by Frapin. This, right here, is my bailiwick. Mah wheelhouse.

The splinter: The syrup boils over and becomes pure resin. The woods funnel into pine sap, with a helping of mint, blackcurrant leaf, and camphor, introducing an “aftershave”-like aftertaste. These notes interfere with a creamy-dry, rosy sandalwood in the base. I want to shove aside the throat-catching resin, pine needles, and mint, and enjoy my sandalwood unfettered. It won't allow me. (If I wanted pine needles and mint, I would wear Nuit Etoilee).

Despite the odds stacked in its favor at the start, it is not a buy for me. But I am grateful to have been given the chance to try it. DelRae stuff is almost impossible to find in Europe.

Genre: Woody Oriental

Bois de Paradis is a very pretty woody-ambery oriental distinguished by a bright and realistic berry note that floats above the rose and wood heart. The amber base is very sweet and powdery, with a large helping of vanilla. Not enough to make the drydown cheap or cloying, but sufficient to make me a bit uncomfortable wearing it. I imagine this appealing to any woman who enjoys Boucheron's Jaïpur Saphir or Byzance by Rochas. Men should definitely test before buying.

This line up of reviews is the best evidence of the elusive "skin chemistry" phenomenon I've seen in a long time.

Thanks to a generous sample pack from BayKat, I've been puzzling over this one all day.

While I get a blast of something brisk (minty? herbal?) on the first spritz, I never detect citrus. Within seconds, a jammy, fruity, spicy rose takes over, against a nice woody base, and I would swear: sandalwood. For hours, the sweet, spicy, fruity rose blend makes me think of's on the tip of my scent of the fruitier Histories de Parfums? I can't place it. The pineappley 1804? No, not that sweet. The rosy 1876? Getting there.

What distinguishes Bois de Paradis on my skin is sweet, ambery, sandalwood-infused base which, along with the fruity notes (I'm thinking plumb, but also the mix called "fruits rouges" in confitures) has too much sugar for my taste. BayKat identifies blueberries, and though I eat them nearly every morning all year round, I cannot for the life of me recognize how they smell.

Love the opening, love the deep dry down, but I'd prefer to skip the second act, where the sandalwood (if that's indeed what it is) lends a slightly head-shoppy tone that doesn't quite work with the rest of the blend.

All in all, a lovely scent but not quite me. For fruity amber I prefer Alahine, and for spicy rose, I reach for the smokier 1876.

My final rating is "Birthday-Worthy." If I received Bois de Paradis as a gift I'd appreciate it and I'd even wear it; and I imagine I'd be pleased to sit next to someone else who was wearing it.

Oct 10, 2010

It's classy and beautiful and long lasting. It makes you dream of summer. A mouthwatering blackberry lies on a bed of soft roses...with some wisps of resin and woods swirling about. It's very day time and optimistic. The vision of the perfume is strong and clear, with no attempt to broaden appeal by dummying anything down or blurring into indistinctness. I love it, but like the love good friends you feel know about some of their "issues". In this perfume the issue might be a certain rigidity. This doesn't loosen its laces much over time.

I"m going to go in the opposite direction on this one: I give thumbs down to the opening, but thumbs up to the drydown.This opens VERY gourmand on me, which I just can't do. let me try and explain how this wears on me:When I was in college, my room mate's boyfriend came over one night with some friends and alcohol. I was sitting in the living room having a beer, and they were in the kitchen making something to eat. An orange glow lit up the wall. To my horror I saw that Mr. Idiot was making himself some pan fried everclear. Burnt, stinky sugar from a dirty frying pan. That is how I wear gourmands. But moving on...Bois dries out to a lovely, raspy woody scent (If you've tried Sublime Balkiss you'll recognize the blueberry note). I need an hour and a half to sing this scent's praise, so do give it that long before making up your mind. This starts as a stinker, but ends up as an exquisite, fragrant woody. This is the only Delrae scent that I could see myself buying, although I would still like the opening toned down a notch.

As advertised: dense, high-volume fruitiness undercut with wood. It's big and bold and well-done. I don't think there's a dud in the entire Delrae line anyway.But here's the thing about Bois de Paradis: somewhere in there is a wax-candle smell that just ruins the entire "exotic fruitbasket" effect, muffling the realism of the composition. And once you smell the candlewax, it's all over.

On my skin, this develops beautifully. It starts with jammy blackberry and dusty rose. Throughout the drydown, citrusy-honey notes drift in and out and are constrasted by the woody fig and cedar. It's one of those perfumes that I can't stop smelling. Absolutely beautiful.

You are in a cedar forest, five minutes before the sun rises under a glowing amber, rose, and fig sky. Dry, dusty needles under your feet. Standing right up under a tree, just as you snap off a branch to release the scent slap of the green wood, you bite into a fresh orange peel. I did not know that I needed to know what this smelled like, but now that I do, I would travel to the ends of the earth to smell it again. "Bois de Paradis" is one of only two perfumes I would rate as a five-star.

THis is what most designer scents that are woods and amber are hoping to be. A beautifully sweet oriental with touches of florals with a very good woods and amber base. Maybe a little feminine? But what men's scent doesn't use the woods and amber accord nowadays? Polo Explorer, Black XS, Gucci pour Homme, Dirty English... all different takes but with Opium's oriental style. Oh and there's a berry note in this that gives it a Egoiste feel, too, like a tart pie. Neat stuff.

I don't know if the fault lies with my nose or my skin, but this is hideous on me. Baby powder with camphor becomes tea rose and aluminum shavings. I can appreciate that it's well done however. Anyone who likes tea rose will probably love it.

Maybe I'm having an off day, but I wasn't unduly impressed by this one. The only other Del Rae I have smelled is Amoreuse, which was like living plants, like a blast of cool air from a flower shop, and I loved it. I was surprised by Bois de Paradis. I missed the notes completely. It was lush, sweet, almost chocolatey, with mint, berries, and patchouli. Then it turned into pure honey on me. Intensely sweet, toothachingly sweet, and I thought of Angel. Except I get honey, not cotton candy. Just not for me.

Every time I try this I love it more. It's a fragrance I can "fall into" if that makes any sense. I smell very little citrus/bergamot on the opening though it remains as a pervasive thought throughout the fragrance's development. Very quickly sweet (but not cloying) berries throw down a long lasting gauntlet, soon followed by rose and then appears the softest, most mellow and comforting wood. It's a dream of a fragrance, distracting in a good way, inspiring me away from the mundane and towards the creative. When I wear this I want to write perfume reviews! work on my art car! make an entire city out of LEGO with my children! or just daydream...

This is the first Delrae that I fell in love with, although all of them are rather special to me. I find the BdP scent quite comfortable to wear in some circumstances. I probably wouldn't wear it to work, a job interview, or a first date. For a more intimate or romantic occasion, however, I would readily spray some on.It's rich, "tasty," and quite captivating to my nose. The woody-amber notes in the base are the chief feature after the first notes begin to drop out, and they are really very warm, but (to my mind, at least) not overly lush. I wouldn't say the effect of the drydown is so much powdery as "dusty" – a bit dry and a touch earthy. I think that kind of grounds the fragrance solidly and well, but it doesn't overbalance the delicacy of the brighter notes which still linger. This is what i would call a shyly sensual fragrance: not at all voluptuous, but tender and warm-hearted.

While the rose – berry combination is often used, seldom have I smelled it as lush and deep as this. It is constructed elegantly around the French rose and the blackberry and it is strong in amber and vanilla, It gets very close to being too sweet for me, but I don't ever find it sweeter than it should be. It is quite classical in ambiance even though it is a recent creation of parfumeur Michel Roudnitska. It is not set to compete with the typical offerings of today: It disdainfully ignores fads and provides a superior rendition of a classic feminine woody - floral Oriental. The drydown is a soft, rich wood (cedar) / vanilla that stays close to the skin. Bois de Paradis is not overpowering in sillage, nor is it demure and shy. It has an adult discreetness about it. Is it old fashioned? Perhaps a little, but I believe that would be of no importance to the kind of person who would opt to wear it. It's beautiful.

Nice wood one! Blackberry & rich woods, has depth, just enough sweetness & sillage. Would good in the summer, for a stray away from my real faves (violet, rose, or gardenia).

top notes of bergamotheart notes of French rose, cinnamon and blackberry, base notes of the most seductive woods and amber.This is beautiful from start to finish. It develops warmly on my skin and I keep sniffing myself all day. I get a hint of fig in the top note too, and something dusky. This is not your typical floral. It is stunning. A movie that develops over time.

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