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Bois de Cédrat by Creed

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Bois de Cédrat is a shared scent by Creed

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Reviews of Bois de Cédrat by Creed

There are 50 reviews of Bois de Cédrat by Creed.

It is a very nice, fresh, totally natural, not harsh, "Lime peel" fragrance. It has some wood in it but very little. It is very beautiful but lasts just a few minutes on the skin.

"Citrus drink." Definitely a citrus-woody fragrance, Creed's Bois de Cédrat isn't as memorable nor distinctive as other citrus scents they've made.

Bois de Cédrat aims to showcase citrus at all three fragrance note levels: Fancy Sicilian lemon plus bergamot, Calabrian mandarin orange, and lemon tree wood. I like the result, but it feels strangely pedestrian compared to, say, Creed's Original / Pure Cologne.

Not sure what happened, but Bois de Cédrat seems to fall short for me, though it's not an abject failure.

I had my hopes too high with this fragrance. I was hoping for better sillage and longevity from the citrus opening, but alas, it disappeared within about 10 minutes on me. The cedar note was nice, but it's the same as the wood note in Ore, and several other cedar fragrances that can be had for a lot less than Bois de Cedrat. A sample is more than ample...well, it's actually less by an "s", but this one isn't bottle worthy, IMO.

A perfectly nice classic cologne in the style of 4711, featuring a mix of bergamot and lavender on top, along with some lemon. There's a rather modern-smelling orange in there as well, which I actually found kind of distracting, but there's also a perfectly tempered petitgrain that's the real star of the show, subtly woody and classically masculine.

With so many classic citrus eau's on the market, I always have to figure out what each one brings to the table. Bois de Cédrat has that great petitgrain and leaves out the soapy flowers that often show up in the genre. The lack of soapy flowers makes Bois more masculine than most eau's, but also means that it doesn't have a real base, so it has very little lasting power.

All in all, a thumbs up, but with the caveat that I wouldn't pay Creed prices for this.

A lovely pairing of lemon-lime and cedar, Creed's Bois de Cedrat falls into the "fresh woody" category that the house seems to have down to a science. Bois de Cedrat isn't overwhelmingly complex: it flirts with the Pine-Sol synthetic smell mentioned sometimes with Epicea and especially Cypres Musc, but I regard the smell as natural and refreshing. It flirts with being a gourmand, as the citrus involves some sweetness, but it mostly resides at the intersection of citrus and woods.

Among Creed's other offerings, I liken Bois de Cedrat mainly to Cypres Musc, but slightly smoother, slightly less acerbic. On the road from Cypres Musc to Epicea, Bois de Cedrat lies somewhere in the middle, neither being as refined as Epicea nor as sharp as Cypres Musc.

As with most fresh Creeds from the EDT era, projection and longevity aren't special, but this strong and versatile enough to be worn year-round. It's not to be found on the discount sites, though, so the only option is the retail $205 for 75ml, so it's a tough sell for those used to buying Creeds at a discount.

7 out of 10

Clean fresh citrus fragrance with no traits to separate itself from the dozen other Creeds that do fresh much better. Not bad by itself, but Creed has much better offerings.


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