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    • tobacco, whisky, cinnamon, amber, labdanum, oakmoss, cadewood, incense

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This is simply wonderful. I love smoky scents, frankincense and birch and this one is all three to perfection. You have to be in love with intense fragrances, so certainly not for men only, I wear it but not just anywhere anytime. True, it turns into a skin event, but an astonishing one. Not office friendly, no first-date wear either. This reminds me of a walk in the forest, of a campfire at night, feeling drowsy next to one after drinking a sip of whisky. On my skin I get the slightest tobacco. To me it is charred wood, smoke, incense. That's creativity I highly praise Julien Rasquinet for. It's an amazing, first-rate discovery of 2022 for me.
20th December 2022
Starts out pretty smokey, but morphs into an amazing incense and amber fragrance that is warm and inviting in all the best ways. The slightest boozy note comes through in that warm amber along with a hint of tobacco leaf. I'm not a fan of smokey fragrances per se, but I definitely am of this one. Classy and excellent combination right there. FB worthy for sure in my book.
3rd September 2022

To me Bois d'Ascese smells like a campfire (made purely of cedarwood) made in the middle of the sawmill. Very prominent factors I can smell are: ash (whole a lot of ash actually!), cedarwood (which is a solid backbone, background to it) and an incense smoke. It opens up very ash-y and when it dries down it becomes more and more woody and the smoke transforms strictly into frankincense smoke.

What I really like is a fact, that Bois d'Ascese is a relatively dry scent on my skin. It sticks pretty close to the skin and does not make a scent cloud, maybe just a little bubble.

Longevity on my skin is 10+ hours and the sillage is very big at the beginning, but it mutes itself a little bit. This is potent so one or two sprays from a decanter are good for me.

I think all lovers of smoked scotch whisky should sniff this.
27th August 2022
Charcoal, whiskey, bourbon, cigars, and the scent in the air of a crackling fragrant campfire.... all of which are baked into your clothing, then whiffed the morning thereafter.
Arguably the best rendition of smoke in all of niche perfumery. Our latest camping adventures have made a profound impact on my appreciation for this accord. LOVE this scent!
27th May 2022
Rub a black dress with a balsam and soak it in a smokey scotch whiskey then throw it onto the embers of a dying camp fire.that's about as close as i can get using words.a dark, brooding,smokey, masculine,sexy beast of scent.this fragrance is extremely dry and smokey, almost bitter,like a pile of dead,dry leaves that was ingited by a lighting bolt.

The opening is a punch in the face with boozy whiskey and tobacco once it sits on the skin for a hour,the burnt ruberry ham smell disappears,the smoke and incense die down a bit and the amber makes it's debut appearance.after about 3 hours the scent is a nice balance of amber, woody,smokey incense tobacco.i can't imagine it being worn by a woman. the performance is great.
23rd November 2021
“It was a pleasure to burn.
It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing conductor playing all the symphonies of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history."
- Ray Bradbury
25th October 2021
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