Bois Blonds 
Atelier Cologne (2010)

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Bois Blonds by Atelier Cologne

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Bois Blonds is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Atelier Cologne

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Reviews of Bois Blonds by Atelier Cologne

There are 23 reviews of Bois Blonds by Atelier Cologne.

The wan neroli claimed a cold and left before you even had a chance to get to know him. Whoever it is you are speaking to at this boring party just stares blankly and nods in agreement to everything, exchanging only the most innocuous of small talk. Bois Blonds is unfortunately the white musk cellophane wrapper of a long ago-eaten orange popsicle. Pleasant. Fine. But not one you need to seek out.

The very restrained white pepper in the opening blast is overshadowed by a neroli and a vetiver impression. The neroli is if a dim brightness. The vetiver is if the mild side, smooth with a touch of green aroma and lacking all earthiness and woodsiness. Some petitgrain delivers a fresh undertone.

The heart notes develop a weak and nonspecific wood note, but otherwise are more on the floral side, with orange blossom noticeable foremost on my skin. The base adds a lashing of white musks.

I get moderate adequate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my side, with the last hours being very close to it.

A somewhat anaemic spring scent that is a tad too generic and synthetic to suffice. For days when you want to wear a weak, unobtrusive and inoffensive bloodless product. 2.75/5.

Light and inoffensive. Smells like a lot of other fragrances on the market. Just doesn't stand out enough to justify a purchase at the price point. Serviceable but too boring.

Typical masculine cologne. Think about it and you'll know what this smells like.

A very light citrus with a nice touch of Vetiver is what I get from BB. I agree with Speedracer about this smelling like Encrdd Noire Sport. 7.5/10

Bois Blonds shares a lot in common with Encre Noire Sport to me, but the effect of Bois Blonds isn't as harsh and doesn't perform as well, which may be appealing for some that find ENS a bit strong.

Big neroli up front and then you get the clean vetiver in the drydown that keeps going for 4-5 hours.

A good summer scent.

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