Bois Bélize Intense 
Nicolaï (2020)

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Reviews of Bois Bélize Intense by Nicolaï

There are 1 reviews of Bois Bélize Intense by Nicolaï.

It is indeed an honor to be the first to review this masculine fragrance. Before I bought it a review summed it up nicely : if New York is the city gentleman then Bois Belize Intense is the country gentleman. This spectularly good. This is masculine in touch with nature. It is like an impressionist painting. Stand too close and it's nowhere near as appealing. However let it weave a pattern round with your body chemistry and this will get you plenty of compliments especially from the ladies. This is a gentleman dressed casually or at the weekend . It's gentle power, clear vision taste yet restraint. I have not smelt anything like it.
It starts off green and fresh and spicy and settles down fairly linear just losing some of the fiz. You can make out rose vetiver oakmoss and the closer you get patchouli and musk which give it backbone.
Easily FBW.
May 26, 2021

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