Bohemian Orange Blossom fragrance notes

    • orange, orange blossom, neroli

Latest Reviews of Bohemian Orange Blossom

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Bohemain Orange Blossom smells laid-back but vigorous, somewhat natural yet sensuous. Total mediterranean vibe with Atelier Cologne's DNA. Not so bright, not that transparent but still comfortable. However i was expecting something more complex and really evocative of what it sets out to be. Start to finish, hour after hour, I kept expecting some depth, a change, a variation of scent. Simply did not happen. 

It starts of as a zingy, tangy neroli blossom. After an hour or so it becomes more of a beautiful, orange flower in full bloom. Between hour 3 and 4 after application, the fragrance weakens to a skin scent. As time passes, it warms up a bit and gets softer but never crosses over into the spicy terrain. It remains sort of clean-cut. Overpriced? Yes. You can find something better or similar for far cheaper. However, I would suggest treating yourself to a sample.
18th September 2022