Bohemia fragrance notes

    • blood orange, pink grapefruit, jasmine, apricot, rose, cocoa, tonka, black tea, amber accord, vanilla

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I received my sample pack of One Seed scents yesterday, and even though was already wearing perfume, I couldn't resist trying Bohemia – I'm a sucker for chocolate scents. When it first went on, I got an initial blast of orange chocolate, like a freshly opened Terry's Chocolate Orange, with a hint of chocolate cherry liqueur. Then the rose and pink grapefruit popped out. The blood orange note is quite sweet, especially combined with the apricot and rose, so until you know how your skin handles it, I'd advise applying lightly and seeing how it develops. The chocolate note disappeared on me quite fast, but that's ok – the rose in this is beautiful and makes up for it. Looking forward to trying the rest of the samples, and for $49 (plus postage) for seven generous 2.5ml spray bottles it's great value. Definitely no armpit or pee smell to be found here.
5th January 2018