Boha fragrance notes

    • bergamot, green almond, violet leaves, gardenia, egyptian jasmine, orange blossom, ambery woods, musks, oakmoss, australian sandalwood

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Super sophisticated Jeroboam's soapy-musky-floral accord a la Narciso Rodriguez for Her or Elie Saab Le Parfum but (less lipstick in tyle and) with a more classic undertone provided by reduced vanilla and a more "complicated" chyprè ambery-woody-floral basic connection a la Givenchy Organza (and provided perhaps by a tad of civet or something rotten a la Parfums d'Empire Musc Tonkin, something which I detect along the musky-floral dry down). Tart bergamot is initially heady (just faintly couteracted by bright milder/bitter green almond) in its medicinal twist connected with floral patterns, bitter leafiness and musk a la classic Dolce & Gabbana for her. I perceive as well a dry leafy/citric floral initial tartness a la Dior J'adore top stage quite sensual, organic and "sweaty". Honestly I don't catch tuberose while gardenia (leafy/green and languid) is definitely the main floral affair under my profane notes. Orange blossoms are apparent and another significant olfactory "topic" of the whole olfactive alchemy. Muskiness is still there as the main theme but it is less pinky/silky than in the less floral Narciso Rodriguez For her and more grey, mossy, animalic and earthy-spicy. Moody and languid this creation is nostalgic and visceral at same time. The violet leave's presence enhances the moody/shady (leafy/green/bitter-floral) temperament of the fragrance. Dry down is intensely floral and vaguely tropical a la Zoologist Hummingbird. Elusive and erotic is the Boha's type of woman (yes a sophisticated ukrainian middle age indipendent woman running errands along the big Khreschatyk). This juice is pretty sexy and attractive on my skin but at same time something rejecting and sinister axhales by its musky accords (despite the "colour" provided by the intensely floral presence). Shady and impossible is the Boha's type of woman with her measured, unhurried pace, unknown is her life, witchy her cut eyes in the dark rooms of the dodgy club privè.

7th June 2021
A nice, strong floral that, to me, is a perfect balance of tuberose and jasmine. The tuberose provides loudness and an almost cherry-ish fruity element, while the jasmine gives sweetness and indolic funk.

There's a bit of activity in the background, especially an interesting plastic/wet paint smell in the beginning, which sounds terrible but works with the indolic nature of the florals. Despite the listed notes, I don't detect much of a base - more just a long slow fade of the florals, but it's still quite nice.
18th January 2020