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Victoria's Secret (2002)


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Body by Victoria (original) is a feminine perfume by Victoria's Secret. The scent was launched in 2002. It was reochestrated and relaunched in 2012.

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Reviews of Body by Victoria (original) by Victoria's Secret

There are 5 reviews of Body by Victoria (original) by Victoria's Secret.

Love it. Perfect for the office. Or any time of year. Clean and warm yet sophisticated enough for a woman. A good standby to have waiting by the door for you. The name strangely does not match the smell at all. The bottle shape itself somewhat does...but could be improved. Its always so hard for me to find this. What a shame.
Dec 26, 2007

CALCHIC's got this one completely covered! Of all the VS fragrances, this one stands above the crowd! It's quite fresh & fun loving. Can be worn for most any occasion. Thumbs up for sure.
May 10, 2007

This is a tame and safe scent. I love it--I wear it when I'm striving for a sophisticated yet neutral scent.
Feb 4, 2007

Very clean and long-lasting. Not very good at describing notes, but this is a great scent for summer. Should also work well in the office.
Oct 9, 2005

Despite being seriously underwhelmed by the name of this fragrance - sounds like the name of a gym or else one of those "slimming tonics" that come out every so often - I went ahead and gave this fragrance a try and have been impressed with it more than I would have ever thought possible. It's very much a fruity-aquatic floral, a category of scent that doesn't thrill the socks off me - but unlike other fruity-aquatic florals I've had and been less than blown away by, this one possesses (a) remarkable staying power and (b) a stunning drydown. The top and middle parts of the scent tend to the bland - crushed leaves, freesia, mandarin, water hyacinth, cucumber. Nothing thrilling, though there is also stephanotis, which I love for its dry spiciness. Perhaps that helps spark up the composition somewhat. But it's the simple-enough sounding basenotes of white musk and sandalwood that make for a drydown that is creamy, a touch powdery and almost praline-like without being sweet. I'm guessing it's the white musk that smells so lovely and brings out the best in the rest of the fragrance. What Body by Victoria reminds me of most is Trussardi Skin, which smells very similar at the top and in the middle but is ruined by a hugely cedar base that reeks of "eau de hamster cage." Body by Victoria gets it right with the white musk; this is a fantastic really casual scent for hot or warm weather.
Sep 20, 2005

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