Blushing Sands 
Estée Lauder (2021)

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Blushing Sands by Estée Lauder

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Reviews of Blushing Sands by Estée Lauder

There are 2 reviews of Blushing Sands by Estée Lauder.

I can see passing this one off as too quiet and dull. It is very light, and it's mostly just vetiver, but this, to me, is a special vetiver accord. Almost like someone took a slice of Givenchy III's sharp, soapy bite. It's not like any other vetiver on the market. Eventually the sharp notes and peppery tang wear off and you're left with a nice, musky-woody drydown, with the aforementioned vetiver I'm the background.

I initially rated this as a thumbs up, but have lowered it to a neutral rating. All the fun happens in the beginning and the banal drydown is tiring. Test thoroughly before buying.

The opening is nice, kind of reminding me Infusion d'Iris in its tone in a way (calm, subtle, gentle, professional), but it very quickly goes flat and absolutely boring, and starts smelling synthetic. No thank you.

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